Fast-lane immigration services debut this week at Narita, Kansai airports


Japan’s first fast-lane immigration service will debut this week at major international airports near Tokyo and Osaka to speed up the processing of foreign visitors, it was learned Monday.

Narita Airport and Kansai International Airport will start the service on Wednesday to expedite the entry of conference-goers and VIPs, who will be allowed to enter fast lanes by showing a coupon provided in advance by airlines, at the entrance to immigration.

Narita Airport gave reporters a preview of the facility Monday ahead of its debut.

“We want to enhance the value of Narita Airport by reducing the waiting time,” said an official from the airport’s parent, Narita International Airport Corp.

The fast lanes will be available at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with each flight expected to bring in about five people who can use them.

The idea for the new service was initiated by government agencies including the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry to turn Japan into a more tourism-oriented country, the company said.

London’s Heathrow Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport already have fast-lane immigration services, it said.

  • ValinEndac

    I didn’t see too much information listed about the fast pass system at Narita, but anything that can help increase the speed at which travelers can enter and exit an airport is better in my opinion.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the public’s opinion of the system once everyone gets a chance to see how it works.

    Well, I’m off to Google more about the new system that was put into place, seeing as the article here was a little light on details. Unless I missed it in another post, which if that is true they should have linked to it within this article.


    JAPAN should launch VISA-ON-ARRIVAL for Indians so that they can earn FOREX . They should provide short-term Tourist/ Work visas to Indians of say 1-3 years so that they can reside tour and work on temporary basis which will alleviate the shortage of skilled unskilled semi-skilled labour/ workers in Japan. It will help both the Asian nations.

    • Philosopher

      Please stop shouting. We can all hear you perfectly well with it.

  • William Twaddell

    Nothing was mentioned about Haneda Airport – a pity. The last two times I arrived at Haneda – as recently as February 28, 2016 – I attempted to go through Immigration’s Permanent Residence Lanes, since I have had such status for a few years. Both times, I was refused and told to enter through the regular Tourist Visa lanes. After I pointed out that I do indeed hold Permanent Residence Status, and also had a “Special Return” Disembarkation card in my passport, the good people of the Ministry of Immigration refused to deal with me. No explanation was provided to my request for one. So, not sure what value there might be to “Fast-Lane” services, as the current “Fast-Lane” services, at least at Haneda, are not fast at all!

  • Firas Kraïem

    “each flight expected to bring in about five people who can use

    Why am I not surprised?