A line of 16,291 green tea dumplings running between two World Heritage sites in Kyoto Prefecture's history-steeped city of Uji set a Guinness World Record on Sunday for the longest such line.

Volunteers from local charities and businesses took three hours to set up the line of roughly 3-cm-wide dumplings on wooden stands stretching between Byodoin Temple and Ujigami Shrine, both UNESCO-designated World Heritage sites.

A Guinness official was on hand to measure the longest unbroken section of the line at 341.57 meters, recognizing it as a world record.

One of the younger volunteers, 6-year-old Akane Matsui from Higashiosaka in neighboring Osaka Prefecture, successfully lined up her dumplings "although it was hard because (the dumplings) stuck to my fingers."

After clinching the record, the volunteers took home the dumplings, which were made with the area's renowned Uji green tea.