Thieves crash car into Barcelona store entrance, flee with detained cohort; 12 hurt


Police say thieves have crashed a car into a superstore entrance in Barcelona, scattering shoppers and lightly injuring 12 people.

Police say private security guards had caught the alleged thieves as they shoplifted late Saturday and managed to detain one. The escaped suspects then returned and smashed through the mall’s plate-glass doors in a successful bid to secure their accomplice’s release, leaving at least 12 onlookers with cuts, bruises and anxiety attacks.

Saleswoman Noelia Gomez told journalists the store was packed and customers started running and trying to hide while screaming, “a bomb, a bomb.”

Three adults received treatment at Sant Boi hospital and a 1-year-old child was referred to Sant Joan de Deu hospital, police say.

Police said Sunday they are still searching for five suspects.