A popular comedian was arrested Saturday on suspicion of stealing dozens of girls’ uniforms from a Tokyo high school.

Kenichi Takahashi, 44, from the comedy duo King of Comedy was quoted by police as saying he has committed similar thefts for around 20 years to fulfill his sexual desires.

Police confiscated some 70 large plastic bags containing uniforms and other items from the suspect’s home in Tokyo. Investigators suspect they are uniforms of female students attending schools in Tokyo and neighboring Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures.

Takahashi allegedly broke into a high school in Setagaya Ward on April 25 and took 23 items including girls’ blazers and skirts, according to the police.

A security camera captured an image of a man in a truck when girls’ uniforms were stolen from a high school in Koto Ward in December. Later, police found the truck was registered to Takahashi.

King of Comedy, in which Hiroki Konno is the other member, won the annual national comedy skit contest King of Conte in 2010.

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