Featuring its unique ambition-inspiring kokorozashi, or personal mission, education and hands-on business education close to real-life experience, Globis University's Master of Business Administration program has rapidly grown into the largest and one of the highest-ranked MBA programs in Japan. Now the institution is set to take the English version of the program to a wider audience by bringing it online.

"The course is for people living in emerging countries who want to attend our MBA program in Tokyo, but can't afford to do so," said Tomoya Nakamura, dean of MBA programs. "It's also targeted at people who want to study for their MBA in English, but live outside of Tokyo, or have to look after their children or parents and find it difficult to attend."

The online English MBA will start in January. It will start as an single-unit program with the "Essentials of Marketing and Strategy" class, followed by "Critical Thinking" and "Organizational Behavior and Leadership" to start in April. Thereafter, further classes will be added with an eye toward introducing a full online MBA program in 2017.