Japan to conduct ‘research whaling’ off northern Japan


The government will conduct so-called research whaling off Hokkaido in northern Japan from this Saturday through late October, with plans to take up to 51 minke whales, the Fisheries Agency said Wednesday.

The coastal whaling — to be conducted off Kushiro, Hokkaido, on the same scale as last autumn — is part of the country’s research whaling plan for the northwestern Pacific.

The hunting is aimed at contributing to resource management by researching whale ecology through analysis of such things as stomach contents and organs, according to the agency.

Japan halted its research whaling in the Antarctic after the International Court of Justice ruled in March last year that the activities violated the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

However, it has continued its research whaling in Japan coastal areas and the northwestern Pacific.

  • Jonathan Fields

    Whaling doesn’t really bother me that much (assuming they are doing so sustainably)… But why does Japan insist on doing it? There seem to be no benefits (other than the spittle-drenched anti-foreign sentiment the right likes to use to keep the elderly interested) and the idea of whaling as a hugely important part of Japanese culture has been more than thoroughly debunked.

  • At Times Mistaken

    “Research” is just a government-coined euphemism that has no real currency outside of bureaucratic circles. This paper ought to drop its use in most cases and just call it what it is.

  • Robecca Brown

    lets see this research, where is it, whats its true purpose, have you ever considered tagging and observing…..gee what a concept.

  • DrCrabfingers

    I can never understand this concept that scientists seem to have about killing animals to study them. I’ve seen scientific research in the Amazon using a pesticide fog sprayed up into huge trees to study the insect life that falls dead from the branches. I ask you…..where is the wisdom? In the case of Japanese whaling….they use the horrendously stupid addition to the whaling moratorium that permits the killing of whales for scientific purposes as a smoke screen to kill whales for the table…..every one knows that. Norway and Iceland just ignore the moratorium…which goes unpunished by the international community. I despair at these countries…..and at the governments of the developed world in not taking a stand against them. They disgust me.