The family of a young woman who worked for the major restaurant chain Saizeriya has sued her former boss and the company amid claims she committed suicide as a result of his sexual harassment and stalking.

In court papers lodged Tuesday, the woman, who was in her 20s, is said to have started working part time at one of the restaurant chain's branches in the Kanto region in April 2013 and later became a contract employee.

However, it is claimed that in about March 2014 the former deputy manager of the branch, a married man aged 29, started harassing the victim, including touching her body and arranging work schedules so the two would always be on the same shift.

The man also visited the woman's home, which allegedly tormented her and led to her suicide in December 2014. The woman hanged herself on her veranda.

The family is demanding some ¥98 million in damages from the man, the branch manager and the restaurant operator, saying the branch manager and the company neglected to take action despite being aware of the harassment.

They said the branch manager also verbally harassed the woman by asking her whether she was going out with the man.

Saizeriya Co., based in Yoshikawa, Saitama Prefecture, declined to comment except to say it had not received the court papers and will consult its lawyers after receiving them.