• Kyodo


A horned goat entered and ran loose on a school playground and a surrounding housing area in the city of Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, leading to a three-hour hunt involving 25 police officers.

The police received an emergency call alerting them of the goat running around on the Oshiro Elementary School playground in Komaki at around 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday. After leaving the school, the billy goat popped into a nearby park and a nursery school.

The police said officers tracked down and captured the animal with a net in a local residential district three hours later. Nobody was injured.

The goat has a patchy pattern of black and white, is more than 1 meter long and has 30-cm horns. Police are looking for its owner.

“I learned about the goat in the news and went outside, then found the goat walking toward me through the gate,” said Shuhei Kameya, 18, who lives in a house the goat tried to enter. “I had no idea he would come right to our door.”