China plans to build coast guard base near Senkaku Islands: sources


The China Coast Guard, which has been sending vessels into waters around the Senkaku Islands more frequently since 2012, plans to build a large base in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, to enhance monitoring of the chain, sources close to the matter said Saturday.

By building the base in Wenzhou, which is close to the Japan-administered islets, the coast guard is apparently hoping to bolster support for surveillance vessels so China can strengthen its claim to them.

China calls the uninhabited islets Diaoyu, but they are also claimed by nearby Taiwan, which calls them Tiaoyutai.

The move came after revelations that China’s military is building large base facilities on the Nanji Islands, which are in the same province and even closer to the Senkakus, indicating that Beijing is poised to test Japan through concerted efforts by the military and coast guard.

Earlier in June, the website of Zhejiang Province published the contents of a meeting between officials of the Wenzhou city government and the China Coast Guard, including the latter’s plan to build the base.

The base will occupy about 500,000 sq. meters and will have a pier around 1.2 km long with a facility where six vessels — including large ones with a displacement of up to 10,000 tons — can moor, a hangar for airplanes and helicopters, and a large training facility.

China will choose the location after examining several candidate sites.

The cost is projected at about 3.34 billion yuan (about $544.3 million) and the Chinese government will bear the entire expenditure.

The website noted that China has been regularly sending vessels to waters near the Senkakus since September 2012. That is when Japan decided to buy the islands from their private Japanese owner, effectively nationalizing the chain.

As for the purpose of building the base, it said the move would be beneficial for regular navigation conducted to protect China’s maritime interests. It also explained the geographic advantages of having the base in Wenzhou, which at a distance of around 356 km represents the part of the mainland that’s closest to the islets.

The post about the base plan has since been deleted.

  • Nobu Tarou

    first, nobody can claim if any country build a certain facility in their own territory for whatever reasons even if military purpose. second, if japan can claim the base in chinese territory, then china can claim similarly the bases in Okinawa and building new military facility in yonakuni, near senkaku islands bacause of their territorial claim over senkaku. best way that japan can choose is strict compliance with recently agreed four principles of japan-china concensus on the control of sea area around senkaku. anyhow, no provocative action should be taken by both sides, partilcularly from japan.

  • Just me, Banlas

    A simple solution for Japan is to return Diaoyu Islands back to its rightful owner, China. Anything less is not only a waste of effort and time but it’ll continue to aggravate the historical bad relationship between Japan and China as a result of the WW2 event.

    • Emilia

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  • timefox

    Aggression, provocative behavior of the recent China
    East China Sea
    May 21: A bomber flying between Okinawa Island and Miyako Island (nominal training)
    May 28: Senkaku Islands offshore in territorial waters violation (three ships ship sea 警局)
    June 3: In the Senkaku Islands off the coast of Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, China sea 警局 ship (Coast Guard) is intrusion into Japanese territorial waters
    June 13: in China sea 警局 of Zhejiang Wenzhou coast (near the Senkaku Islands), announced plans to build a large base. Site area 500,000 square meters, is set to allow large vessels berthing of up to six vessels of vessels such as to wastewater 10,000 tons class, hangar of airplanes and helicopters, also large training facility construction plan
    June 14: Japan’s exclusive economic zone from the Senkaku Islands Kubashima north 96 km (EEZ), research vessel navigation
    June 17: In the Senkaku Islands off the coast, three ships “Coast Guard” of China sea 警局 Japan’s territorial waters in the invasion
    June 21: the Senkaku Islands in the exclusive economic zone from Taisho Island of northern Japan (Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture) (EEZ), the sea, such things as Chinese marine research ship “Science No. 3″ is net and basket check was dropped twice. Is different from the had waters report in advance, Japan Coast Guard patrol vessels request to stop

    South China Sea
    May 28 : One of the artificial island that is construction in the South China Sea , artillery two installation of mobile ( the US military reconnaissance aircraft confirmation )
    May 31 : Chinese military grandson founding Deputy Chief of Staff , ” artificial island ” in the Asia Security Conference in Singapore remarks as ” in order to meet the needs of military defense .”

    China’s defense budget “about 40 times in the past 26 years .”
    Defense budget of 15 years 886 800 000 000 98 million yuan ( about 16 trillion 900 billion yen ) . 1989 and later, in continuing the double-digit growth with the exception of the ’10

    To deny the defense , it does not prevent the aggression .

    It ‘s clear that China is destroying the peace of Asia . Before the Asian Nazis get a boost , the world must remonstrance China .