Husband of former J-pop singer Ai Kago arrested for alleged domestic violence


The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested the husband of Ai Kago, an ex-member of all-girl J-pop idol group Morning Musume, for allegedly assaulting her, investigative sources said Tuesday.

Haruhiko Kago, 47, was arrested after allegedly attacking the 27-year-old singer, including by kicking her, in a Roppongi-district condominium in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on May 12. The assault left her with bruises on her neck and the limbs on her right side, the sources said. Her husband, a company official, has denied the allegation.

Police said they expected it would take 10 days for her injuries to heal.

They started to investigate the allegation after she reported the assault, the sources said.

  • GBR48

    Wife-beaters are amongst the lowest pieces of human waste on the planet. Sadly, too many women either don’t report it, or don’t go on to divorce the pieces of crap who assault them. Judicial proceedings in such cases should include a package of imprisonment, a fine, and the option of a fast-track, financially punitive divorce settlement all wrapped up in one.

  • Tammy

    Kago-chan used to be full of purity like an angel in her early teens.
    Totally got worsened…Looks wretched, beyond recognition.
    They should get divorced.

    I wish her and her daughter’s happiness like ” I WISH” she had sung when belonged to Mo-Musu.

    • White Priv

      she doesn’t look *that* bad.

    • This kind of thinking contributes to her problems.