Fukui man takes responsibility for landing drone on Abe’s office


A man claiming responsibility for landing the radioactive drone found on the roof of the prime minister’s office has turned himself in to the Fukui Prefectural Police, police sources said Friday.

The man, described as a Fukui resident in his 40s, told officers he pulled the stunt to protest the government’s policies on atomic power.

The police have not yet verified his claims.

A drone reportedly carrying a radioactive payload was found on the roof of the prime minister’s office at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

According to the police, the craft was equipped with a camera, what appeared to be two flares, and a brown container containing a liquid that later turned out to have a slight amount of cesium in it.

The aircraft, which had been decorated with a radiation sticker, was identified as a Phantom drone made by SZ DJI Technology Co. of China. The Phantom is only sold in white but the one found on the rooftop had been painted black.

  • Charles

    I’m a proponent of nuclear energy, and yet, this guy is my hero.

    Most people, when screwed by Abe, just lie down and take it like a bunch of pathetic sheep, and say “shouganai” and that there are “no alternatives.”

    Not this guy.

    This guy has balls. Seriously.

    To make his point, does he suck air through his teeth? Does he write a letter filled with obfuscated, formal keigo writing? Does he hold up a sign in a public place? Nope.


    The drone contains a small amount of radioactive material–enough to make his point, but not enough to actually harm anyone.

    Then this guy makes a joke of the Japanese police by successfully staying under the radar (both literally and figuratively) and evading capture for days. Japanese police are real tough guys when carding innocent gaijin walking home from the supermarket, but when it comes to duties that are actually important, like, I don’t know, SAFEGUARDING THEIR COUNTRY’S LEADER from a mail-order drone or finding the guy who launched it in a timely manner, they are woefully inadequate.

    And then, this guy has the audacity to walk into a police station and say, essentially, “I DID IT! HAHA!”

    He and I might not see eye-to-eye on nuclear energy, but damn, my hat is off to him for his sheer brass balls and badassery. Can someone please tell me which prison he is being held at so I visit him and bring him care packages?

    • Ken Foye

      Please cite some examples of people being “screwed by Abe.”

      And why is it that, so often, leftists make their little political points with stunts, antics, and in some cases even violence?

      This stunt with the drone might attract some sympathy for his cause, whatever it is, especially from the low-information crowd. But a lot more people are going to be turned off to his cause because of the juvenile antics. .

      • Hendrix

        Plenty of examples

        1. Abes regime whitewashing history thus robbing the young of a proper education of war history.
        2. Bringing in a secrets act preventing the truth and dissemination of facts and therefore the government getting away with all sorts of lies.
        3. Introducing more consumption tax which only hits the man on the street therefore benefiting the people at the top who are playing the markets with inside knowledge.
        4. Rubbing up China and Korea the wrong way with visits to Yasukuni and constant denial of sex slavery

        etc etc… i could go on and on… Abe has screwed Japan big time!

    • Hendrix

      absolutely, this bloke is a hero

  • timefox

    Anti-nuclear activists are similar to the terrorists were wrong . They’re a real terrorist .

  • Eagle

    Someone did a bad thing someone has to go to jail. That was quick. Even if Abe’s security staff is fumbling the police cannot afford such a luxury and got someone in haste. Too bad I don’t believe a single word of this story.

    BTW. what happened to the unprofessional security chief and stuff who failed to discover the drone before reaching the roof. Do they go to jail too? Professional negligence. Or would they follow the pattern of the police and humiliate and dismiss one of their security staff possibly the lowest in the rank and the less protected one? Just to wash the dirty stuff clean.

    ” Suga, the top government spokesman, said the previous day that the
    government will consider legislation to regulate drone flights,..”

    Hello, government, good morning!!!! It’s not about drones it’s about Abe or any other politicians. Do you think when someone seriously decides to raise hand on you will consider your useless regulations??? How can you protect Japan when you cannot even protect yourself?

  • Sam Gilman

    “Takes credit”? Interesting headline.

    “Admits”, “confesses” are usually the verbs one uses for what is a criminal offence. Agenda much, JT?

    The drone included material that the man himself obviously believes is deadly. I’m having a lot of difficulty distinguishing this from an act of terrorism. Perhaps, as with AP, “claimed responsibility” would have been appropriate.

    And yep, someone in security needs to be held to account. Whatever you think of Abe, the office of the Prime Minister needs to be protected.

    (On edit: they’ve now changed the headline – but the URL keeps the old one…)

  • Sam Gilman

    That’s interesting. I made a perfectly civil comment about the original headline, which seemed rather inappropriate.

    It just got removed.

    He who controls the present, etc…

  • Jack Work

    Yes, he is a hero.