French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo publishes cartoon on Fukushima nuclear disaster


French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo took aim at Tepco’s crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power station in its March 18 issue.

A cartoon on the theme of “spring” depicts two people in protective gear talking about this year’s first swallow, while looking at footprints of a huge bird with a smoke-spewing nuclear power plant in the background, suggesting that a bird had grown to an enormous size due to radiation.

In 2013, another French weekly, Le Canard enchaine, carried cartoons satirizing the Fukushima crisis, drawing a protest from the Japanese government.

The weekly also carried two cartoons about nuclear power plants in France in the same issue.

In January, Islamic extremists attacked the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 people, after the publication ran cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Starviking

    This is newsworthy? Shall we have reports on all major publications that feature Daiichi-related covers?

    • Sam Gilman

      I think the idea is that if you aren’t anti-nuclear power, you’re giving into the terrrrrrists and are in love with Jihadi John. It’s really tasteful. To be fair, the junk science pedlar Harvey Wasserman has been pushing this line already this year. The JT is just a bit late to the party.

      The thing is, Charlie Hebdo has been anti-nuclear since it began. This isn’t some revelatory conversion. In other news, Pope still Catholic, bears still etc. etc.