Sakai woman allegedly tries to kill husband for missing White Day


A woman from Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, was arrested Monday on suspicion of trying to kill her husband after he failed to give her a present in return for her Valentine’s Day gift, investigators said.

Mie Nishiyama, 43, self-employed, was arrested by officers who had rushed to their home early Monday after an emergency call from her husband and found her trying to strangle him with a necktie, according to the police.

The husband, a 31-year-old office worker, sustained minor injuries, the police said.

“It is true that I fastened a necktie around his neck. But I did not intend to kill him,” investigators quoted Nishiyama as saying.

She reportedly said she was “upset” that her husband hadn’t given her a present on White Day, which was Saturday.

White Day is when men give presents on March 14 in return for gifts given to them by women on Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14.

  • DNALeri

    So, according to the article, he managed to call the police while she tried to strangle him?

    • Aswin Ara

      Yes. He’s an office worker so he must be really good at multitasking. :p

  • Johnny LoveFive

    Geez, they’ll do ANYTHING to keep from divorcing their spouses, won’t they?

  • shanchan

    …All this over a gift? What did she give him for Valentines day, that made not getting anything such a big deal. >_> If he could call the PD though, I doubt he was in that much danger.