Goto beheaded by Islamic State militants

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Despite an unusual lull that had raised hopes hostage Kenji Goto might be freed, many in Japan were shocked Sunday to learn the Islamic State group had apparently executed him.

In a new video posted online early in the morning, the same masked man seen in previous Islamic State hostage videos is shown standing next to Goto, who is kneeling in an orange jumpsuit.

Brandishing a knife and speaking in his familiar British-accented English, he says: “To the Japanese government. You, like your foolish allies in the satanic coalition, have yet to understand that we, by Allah’s grace, are a large Islamic caliphate with authority and power and an entire army thirsty for your blood.

“Abe, because of your decision to take part in an unwinnable war, this knife will not only slaughter Kenji but will carry on and also cause carnage wherever your people are found. So let the nightmare for Japan begin.”

After apparently calling out Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the man applies the knife to Goto’s throat before the video fades to black and shows an image of the journalist’s head resting on his decapitated body.

Repeating that Japan “will never give in to terrorism,” Abe condemned the extremists for the “heartbreaking pain” of Goto’s death and said they would never be tolerated.

“I will work with the international community to have them pay for their crimes,” he said.

“I will take thorough measures to ensure the safety of Japanese citizens inside and outside Japan,” he added.

Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said the video appeared to be authentic.

Speaking at the prime minister’s office, Nakatani told reporters that a report from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said it “is highly likely (the images) are of Goto himself.”

“We must pay attention to the safety of Japanese nationals, including those staying overseas,” he warned.

“We will further step up measures to secure their safety and at the same time need to cooperate with the efforts of the international society to prevent terrorist acts like this,” Nakatani said.

Earlier, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga held a news conference in which he denounced both the video and the militant group.

“We feel even stronger indignation after such an inhuman, despicable act was committed,” Suga said. “We again resolutely condemn this.”

The Islamic State group had said Goto, 47, was being held along with Jordanian Air Force pilot Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh. But there was no word on the fate of the captured pilot.

Abe thanked the “leaders of the world and friends of Japan,” who worked to try to save the two hostages. The other was Haruna Yukawa, who is believed to have been killed by the group on or before Jan. 24.

The prime minister offered thanks, in particular, to Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who is still struggling to free al-Kaseasbeh, who was captured after his F-16 fighter jet was shot down over Syria in December. He has become a bargaining chip for an imprisoned suicide bomber in Jordan.

“(The king) gave us full support. On behalf of the (Japanese) nation, I’d like to thank him,” Abe said.

Later Sunday, Arab ambassadors to Japan jointly denounced the murder and expressed their condolences to Goto’s family.

Waleed Siam, head of the Council of Arab Ambassadors to Japan and the representative of the Permanent General Mission of Palestine, told Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida during a visit to the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo that the council condemns the “despicable” act by the Islamic extremists, which killed an “innocent Japanese citizen,” in the “strongest possible form.”

Efforts to win the release of Goto and the pilot had focused on the possible release of the failed Iraqi suicide bomber, who was imprisoned by Jordan 10 years ago. The video uploaded on Sunday did not mention the pilot.

Abe, whom the extremists blamed for supporting their enemies with nonlethal aid, said Japan would continue to expand such efforts as food and medical assistance, to countries in the Middle East.

The hostage crisis began on Jan. 20, when the extremist group posted its first video showing a masked man, known colloquially as “Jihadi John,” threatening to kill Goto and Yukawa. He claimed that Japan had joined a “crusade” against the Islamic State group and demanded a $200 million ransom for the pair — the same amount Abe had recently pledged in nonmilitary aid to help countries “contending with” the Islamic State group.

Later, the jihadi group dropped its demand for money and instead demanded that Jordan release the Iraqi bomber, Sajida al-Rishawi, in exchange for Goto.

Jordan had said it was ready to release the woman for al-Kaseasbeh, the pilot. Amman also indicated that it had demanded that Goto be released with him in a proposed swap.

The talks between Jordan and the Islamic State group had been deadlocked Saturday after the extremists refused to provide proof the pilot was alive.

Goto, who worked independently, began reporting on Syria and its people four years ago, when the country’s civil war broke out. He went missing in mid-October in Syria’s north after entering from Turkey, reportedly to look for Yukawa, a self-styled military contractor who had purportedly been captured by the Islamic State group in August.

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  • Intellectualist

    Stop taking videos as proof. Demand a corpse or you declare all videos fake cgi productions. Don’t give them want they want. Make them fail.

    • yesyoumay .

      Are you one of those conspiracy theorists who think they are NOT killing these people? If so, you need guidance and perhaps a stay at the looney farm.

      • Intellectualist

        Are you one of those who think giving them publicity isn’t helping them recruit or fundraise? If so, go join them.

  • maurice

    I think the world must take a stand, also Japan, and bomb those terrorists back to the middle ages. Also stop calling them IS.
    Send troops and chase them to the edgo of the world in a Samurai way!

    • Ostap Bender

      I agree, carpet bomb them to martyrdom.

      • Barry Rosenfeld

        Excellent answer from the fool’s paradise club.

      • YOUR NAME

        passive gays might keep silence.

      • Sonalucard

        Plot twist: Except they won’t be martyred because what they’re doing is plain wrong

    • Tap Hue

      Given the Constitution of Japan dropping bombs may be impossible. Switzerland is not part of the coalition. Arabs do want want to fight them either. Why is that? Is it because “we will run you over with a car”, was an American slogan against minorities before it was recuperated by the mujahideen?

      • Scott

        Change the Constitution. Wipe them and militant Islam off the face of the earth.

      • Barry Rosenfeld

        How about wiping Scott off the face of the earth?

      • yesyoumay .

        The Constitution can be amended! That was another era, another age. Today is today. ISIS has pretty much shown that the only way to deal with them is extermination. Come on Japan? Lend a hand and let’s get the job done! The more help the quicker it’ll happen!

      • picnicfun

        Japan has a self-defense force and we are the enforcers of their constitution. They would be fighting in self-defense. We need to support that.

      • yesyoumay .

        The Constitution can be amended! That was another era, another age.
        Today is today. ISIS has pretty much shown that the only way to deal
        with them is extermination. Come on Japan? Lend a hand and let’s get
        the job done! The more help the quicker it’ll happen!

      • Intellectualist

        Arms dealer? Get lost.

      • yesyoumay .

        “Fools paradise”

      • Intellectualist

        Yes you are in a fool’s paradise.

    • Poor Boy

      chase them NOWHERE….! “NUKE” the bastards, “cave dwelling” barbaric scum that they are…have to get THEM ALL, young included BEFORE they can be indoctrinated!!!!

      • Ricky Smith

        Nuke them? like Americans Nuked Japanese?

      • YOUR NAME

        yes man. exactly!
        nuke them to save your stupid azz.

      • YOUR NAME

        if once again Japanese would want to conquer whole the world then to nuke them again.
        the disease must be cured.

      • luce gum

        yeah, a-bombs were made by zionists, and dropped by the americans controlled by the zionists. japan has to know that.

      • Dipak Bose

        Atomic/nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan to scare the Soviet Union who was negotiating a separate peace treaty with Japan.

      • Guest

        Modern warfare is not without policy. What do you suggest the world do, wake up one morning and collectivly bomb them off the face of the planet? Islamic militants are spread across the middle east, and are not in any one country. Initiating acts of war would put many other peaceful nations in the crosshairs. And it’s impossible to find, target, and destroy thousands of threats across the globe while ensuring there won’t be any nuclear retaliation by IS. Even the US can’t bomb whomever they like without consequently putting millions of their own citizens in immediate danger, that’s not the way world order works.

      • Dipak Bose

        The solution is to send all Muslims to their respective countries, not to alllow them to come out and go to any non-Islamic countries. No nonIslamic countries should host any Muslims. Muslims should be confined to the Muslim countries only. No country should sell them any weapons or anything else and should not buy anything from them either.

      • shadi

        Solution to what?this killing happened into a muslims country not yours! Real muslims do not kill people. People like Daesh wear muslims dress and follow what ever they have into their crazy and stupid mind and act in the name of God. Please don’tt let dry and wet burn together pleasssssse. Even syrian people ran away from their own country. They were muslims too so ask yourself why running away?

      • Dipak Bose

        ISIS grew out of the refugee camps armed by CIA and financed by Saudi-Turkey-Qatar.

      • shadi

        So you have to include turkey saudi qatar government in your punishment and think about what innocent refugee should do to live or maybe die!

      • Dipak Bose

        I am suggesting that Muslims should not be allowed in any non-Muslim countries; they must stay only in the Muslim countries. There will be no trade between Muslim and non-Muslim countries. They will not allowed to travel to any non-Muslim countries. They must be isolated completely.

      • Dipak Bose

        A lot of the Syrian refugees are non-Muslims. The solution to the problem of Syria is to ask Putin to send Russian Army to Syria and to destroy Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey.

      • spac

        So Muhammad who did all the acts of ISIS ,Boko ,Talibs is a bad Muslim .Is not

      • barada

        A rare bit of rational thought, on this thread.

    • Ricky Smith

      How about chasing those who nuked 250,000 Japanese first?

      • tommy92

        Deal with the present not 70 years ago. The now not the past.

      • YOUR NAME

        ricky smith is a cheap troll.

      • Stinky

        How about chasing those who bombed Pearl Harbour first?

      • Gordon Graham

        a strategic military base, not a civilian population

      • Dipak Bose

        How about chasing those who killed Neanderthals and eating them as well.

      • NankingChina

        What’s the problem with beheadings, the Japanese are very good at it. The contest to kill 100 people using a sword (百人斬り競争 hyakunin-giri kyōsō?) is a wartime account of a contest between two Japanese Army officers during the Japanese invasion of China over who could first kill 100 people with a sword. The two officers were later executed on war crimes charges for their involvement.[1] Since that time, the historicity of the event has been hotly contested, often by Japanese nationalists or revisionist historians seeking to invalidate the historiography of the Nanking Massacre.[2] We’d face an enemy trench that we’d captured, and when we called out, ‘Ni, Lai-Lai!’ (You, come on!), the Chinese soldiers were so stupid, they’d rush toward us all at once. Then we’d line them up and cut them down, from one end of the line to the other. I was praised for having killed a hundred people, but actually, almost all of them were killed in this way. The two of us did have a contest, but afterward, I was often asked whether it was a big deal, and I said it was no big deal…[7]

        Katsuichi Honda placed the account of the killing contest in the context of its effect on Imperial Japanese forces in China. In one instance, Honda notes Japanese veteran Shintaro Uno’s autobiographical description of the effect on his sword of consecutively beheading nine prisoners.[11] Uno compares his experiences with those of the two lieutenants from the killing contest.[11] Although he had believed the inspirational tales of hand-to-hand combat in his youth, after his own experience in the war he came to believe the killings were more likely executions.[11] Shintaro adds,

        Whatever you say, it’s silly to argue about whether it happened this way or that way when the situation is clear. There were hundreds and thousands of [soldiers like Mukai and Noda], including me, during those fifty years of war between Japan and China. At any rate, it was nothing more than a commonplace occurrence during the so-called Chinese Disturbance.[11]

      • James

        You Chinese government-sponsored commentators are not much better than the Islamist extremists. Piss off.

      • Dipak Bose

        I have heard that you get 50 cents for writing one email as a member of the Chinese Internet Army.

    • luce gum

      it’s famous that ISIS(ISIL) is the USrael, what are you talking about?
      the world won’t get involved in the battle between Isram and the USrael.

    • Moco

      Not Samurai era. That’s a joke.
      Of course, decendants of ‘shizoku’ exist.

      After war, modern Japan. People do not wear ‘kimono’.

    • Sonny Smithers

      Killing is an endless proposition. The key is to chemically, biologically or radiologically attack them in a way which destroys their ability to reproduce. A population with no possible future.

      • Dipak Bose

        Turm them into Homlosexual gay lor lesbian????

      • Sonny Smithers

        No, turn them into eunuchs by sending non-lethal radiation that kills their ability to reproduce. I’m sure it can be done, it’s not exactly Geneva convention friendly but they deserve it.

    • Gerardo Gallo

      many arabs says “those people (IS) are non realy mouslims”. But i ask to these arabs ” why you don’t go on the road (every day every day) to protest against IS ? Because ” silence can kill “

      • spac

        That is called Muslim Taqqiya …..The religious allows to lie .On one front ,the ardent followers of Muhammad do all type of atrocities ,what Muhammad did to his fellow Pagans (Hindus),Jews,Christians and other non muslims ….the other front is led by Muslim apologist ,who always come and tell these actions has nothing to do with Islam ….This is the way Islam has been behaving for the last 1400 years . They know violence can grow their religion . See the example in France …the apologist cried that the killings has nothing to do with Islam …but very next day they started protesting the publishing of Cartoons and against free speech. Now think …who won ,the terrorist and Islam or the fooled western media .West has succumbed to the terrorist demand and most of the media denies to republish the cartoon …That is Muslim violence has reached its goal …The main battle of Muslim terrorist has got result (The western behaviour) and are being enjoyed by the Muslims

    • Shiki Byakko

      Actually, that’s what have kept them in the middle ages.
      This was all a recruit propaganda campaign for ISIS, nothing more, nothing else.

      If anything, this retards actually thought that Japan had any power to put pressure on Jordan to achieve their goal, and tried to use Goto as a card for this… of course, then they realized it was an stupid effort all along.

      Instability in the middle east is not something you can fix by “throwing bombs”, they have been doing that for almost 50 years now.

  • Barry Rosenfeld

    Let’s not kid ourselves; we know very well what ISIS is capable of from way back last year. Abe has blood on his hands in giving ISIS a gift in having pledged 200 million dollars to fight them which from the Japanese point of view has no benefits. Now there is no turning back. Successive Japanese governments have been studiously observant in avoiding the ME morass and with great success until this idiot of PM’s have decided in putting Japan’s neck into the noose. Japan has no business in this mess which the US created from 2001. Abe has been trying to nationalise Japan and confusing his false bravado, picked a wrong unneccessary fight. Now two of its poor citizens have been slaughtered. ISIS being an absolute evil group clearly won this round because of Abe’s amateur hour. Fool.

    • robertsklar

      Bravado: A swaggering display of courage
      False Bravado: A pretentious display of false confidence as a defense mechanism.

      Abe is very much a part of this fight. The whole world is a part of this fight. Your accusation of false bravado against Japan is as risible as it is deplorable. An innocent life can be taken by any rogue band of cutthroats. It happens everyday. In the end, ISIS will be dumped into the trash heap of history along with its apologists, of which you are an unfortunate member.

      • Barry Rosenfeld

        Really? What the hell does Japan have to do with ISIS and terrorism?? ZERO. That’s the making of the bloody Yanks and their childlike tendencies to shoot first and ask questions (if any) later. No doubt being an American that just believes blindly what FOX says or what your neighbour down the street thinks, you swallow it hook, line and sinker. Well done!

    • Kevin Cronin

      The Sykes–Picot Agreement…does this sound familiar Mr. Rosenfeld? This “mess” you say was made in 2001…look back to the Brits and French in 1916. However, I would concede that Bush made a big mess a bigger one.

      • Barry Rosenfeld

        Nope….read your history well. ISIS was formed born of the breaking up of Syria. You will recall that ISIS did not exist until 2012.

      • Juno1721

        Are you saying that the history of murderous islam started with the Syrian problem – invented islam in 2012? Weird history.

  • Suraja Khan

    These barbarians have not just taken the life of an innocent citizen with this pronouncement. They declared war on all of Japan. As destroying them would now be an act of self-defense, let the Rising Sun flag fly.

  • Crystal

    I am so sorry for the loss of Japan’s two citizens.

  • freshstart222

    Execure all ISIS prisoners. No trials are needed.

    • Shiki Byakko

      Throw the rule of law in the wake of a terrible incident when the feelings of the people are all messed up, that has been known to never backfire in any way possible.

  • Shaun Hartford

    Those who read Barry’s post have unfortunately became a wee bit dumber.

    It is astonishing that after 14+ years of Muslim extremist rampaging throughout the world, we still have fools like Barry who make excuses for these animals.

    200 million is simply a scapegoat: if it wasn’t the 200 million, they would use Japan’s anime porn, robot girl bars or some other ridiculous excuse to “justify” the beheading of these 2 Japanese nationals.

    The publishers in France, the 200+ kids in Africa who were kidnapped, raped and then sold into slavery by Boko Haram or these 2 Japanese citizens who were grotesquely beheaded by ISIS have absolutely NOTHING to do with government policy: they were simply murdered by rampaging Muslim Islamic extremist who need to be wiped from the face of the earth.

    • Barry Rosenfeld

      Are you blind as well as being mentally deficient? No doubt someone of your ilk thinks that American Sniper is a superb movie.

      Listen you sot and listen well. Nothing benefits a nation by turning right wing; witness the Americans up to 2000 with the election of Bush junior and see where this has gotten the ME and the world today. Lovely isn’t it? No doubt as a typical Yank you foolishly think that naked power is the way to go despite 10,000 dead in two campaigns that has left two failed states and the world in a worse place than before. Now, you see the same with Abe endeavoring to do something that is totally unnecessary. I’m only glad to say that today’s events have sealed and signed Abe’s death warrant; he’s finished and thank god he’s out for Japan has no business in this ME business period. Why don’t you enlist and go and put where your money where your mouth is loudmouth? I know what it means to see IED’s and broken bodies thank you very much. Now go piss off you bloody Yank.

    • Hanamanganda

      Correct. It’s astonishing how people don’t want to avoid the truth in front of their eyes. Today’s Islam is a threat to every decent value the world wishes to achieve: nonviolence, tolerance, equality.

      Not every Muslim is bad, far from it. But there is something about Islam that creates an environment where evil and violence seem to grow without limit – it’s not just ISIS. There is no successful or tolerant Islamic country in this world.

      • Gisele Fernandes

        “Not every Muslim is bad, far from it. But there is something about Islam that creates an environment where evil and violence seem to grow without limit – it’s not just ISIS.” Same goes for Christianity. It’s a domesticated religion nowadays, but look into 400 ~500 years in the past.

      • tommy92

        Still not the same. Christianity is more malleable and can change with the times. The Koran is regarded as the complete word of God ….. no argument, no changing …. the New Testament is a collection of stories that were mostly not written by the Christian prophet. Only a small part of the bible are the actual words of Jesus (for those who believe). Christians have to filter the Old Testament and the New Testament through the words of Jesus. A lot more interpretation going on.

        The entire Koran is regarded as the word of God. The Koran is a lot more specific and in some cases has more specific rules. Islam is more than just faith, it encompasses a legal system, economic rules, rules for daily life, etc.

        One faith was founded by a warrior who conquered cities, took slaves and ordered men into battle. The other was founded by a wondering preacher.

        It is the difference between regarding Buddha as a prophet or regarding a former Shogun as a prophet and following his militaristic code and laws as the word of God.

      • barada

        True. In America, Christian churches used to support slavery and preach the inferiority of people-of-color (pre-civil-war), but they changed.

        As recently as the 1950s, mainstream US churches used to oppose interracial marriage, but they ALL changed, and now support it.

        Many churches still oppose gay marriage, but they are in the process of EVOLVING into a higher degree of tolerance on the issue.

        Heck, maybe in time, US churches will ALL even accept Evolution—-After they evolve, that is.

        Christianity can change. And HAS.

        That gives us much hope for Islam, IMO.

      • Sonalucard

        By that if you mean Islam itself will change it’s ways, I don’t suppose so. We Muslims are people after all. We are people living in 2015. It is the truth many ‘conventions’ has appeared but the words of the Qur’an is not to be altered, and it hasn’t been since it’s establishment. But your statement is only half wrong. I do hope the terrorism and pain caused by these handful of groups stop. If they were really as devoted as they claimed to be, they wouldn’t really be doing the things they are doing now. It just breeds hatred and misunderstandings.

      • Sonalucard

        So you are aware that the Qur’an is the complete word of God in Islam? Then by all means, have you ever read of the ‘ways of life’ stated in the Book? I mean, it’s kind of ‘natural’ to find masses with the same opinions as yours. Keep in mind these are ultimately just opinions. Now that we have internet, why don’t you search up what the so called word ‘Jihad’ stands for. To clarify beforehand, while I am a Muslim, I have nothing but respect for the the other person, regardless of whether they are of the same faith, different faith, or no faith. As a Muslim, surely you must find it to be the natural response from me to reply to a brother in life who has misunderstood views on Islam? You’re not obligated, but should you learn a bit more about what ‘Muslims’ are supposed to be or do, you may or may not have a change of heart. Trust me when I tell you nothing pisses off the general mass of Muslims more than what terrorists are doing under the name of our religion, and that too for quite some time. The quote that that apparent isis member made, yeah I literally punched my wall then. That being said, I do also believe that the Muslim community in general need to stand up against such terrorism as well. It is apparently ongoing in International scale but it seems it isn’t getting as much attention. I have very vague knowledge of this, so a more knowledgeable fellow Muslim, please do correct me. Islamic warfare puts a taboo on killing woman and children. And from what I recall, and entire army was rerouted so as to not harm the ecosystem of a forest(?), where birds were nested. Murder in general is highly shunned upon, whereas it is compared to the likes of you killing all of humanity. What the Qur’an teaches us to do is actually quite beautiful. If I continued and branched off onto other relevant topics providing analogies and personal statements, I could roughly use up about half my bookshelf.

        Tl;dr Islam does NOT in actual fact promote any sort of ‘evil’ or terrorism. Don’t blame the religion itself for the actions of *terrorists*. Mind you terrorists. You don’t blame/despise the entire human race when a murder occurs. Terrorists are simply terrorists. What’s going on now is blatant stereotyping that just makes life harder for the <90% innocent Muslims.

      • spac

        When we dare to see the truth ? The truth of Koran ,the murderous book of Muhammad ,who told all the ayat (the sentences) of koran to sanctify his devilish acts like murdering the male members of Jews ,Christians and enslaving their children and women ,marrying his sons wife (foster sons divorced his wife on demand from father ) ,rape.pedophilia etc…etc .The ISIS is doing the same ,Boko,Taliban do the same,and most of the muslims in heart congratulate them . ….But our leaders,,,,,,,horribly has become the apologists of these thugs

      • Dipak Bose

        “Today’s Islam is a threat to every decent value the world wishes”.
        It was always like that for the last 1500 years. Some countries have resisted; others could not.
        India had resisted for 400 years until 1192. Byzantine Empire resisted for nearly 700 years until 1450. France was saved because of Martel. Russia was recovered because Ivan Grozny. Spain was saved by Ferdinand-Isabella. Wherever they went, people were massacred, all educational institutions were destroyed, millions became slaves.

      • Sonalucard

        *sigh* It’s the recent internet ‘trend’ that’s been going on. I won’t even try to refute this unless you say you’re an expert on PS.

        Edit: Sorry if this came off as offensive but I swear I’ve made a point about this on Facebook so many times it just got plain old

    • Tando

      Without Islam there would be no modern western society. It was the Muslim scholars, who preserved the knowledge of ancient Greek. During the middle age they had the most advanced science in the world. Muslim controlled cities like Cordoba in Spain were centers of modern learning. It was there where the knowledge to start the European Renaissance was transmitted.

      • Dipak Bose

        Rubbish. Arabs have nothing to do with any Renaissance.

        Armenians have preserved the knowledge of both Greece and India as they used to do the trading with both Europe and India and the Byzantine Empire (in which Armenians were equally important as the Greeks) until 14th century was the great depository of knowledge until it was destroyed by the Muslims. After the fall of the Byzantine empire they .both Greeks and Armenians were forced to go to Europe and the European Renaissance started then in Italy. Arabs in the mean time destroyed all civilizations in North Africa, Middle East, Persia and Northern India.

      • Tando

        I suggest you watch the BBC documentary “Science and Islam” for a starter.
        Another disturbing aspect is the simplistic argumentation in this forum. But this is probably the same simplistic mindset that led to a 90% approval rating for the invasion of Iraq by religious extremist George W. Bush. I think that Muslim Terrorism is disgusting, but they will probably never kill more innocent people than the US army.

      • Sonalucard

        That aside, are you aware of the various ‘Muslim’ scholars who contributed so much to modern development? Slavery was in practice at the time and with a bit of a research even you by yourself could find the various things Islamic laws did to help the disadvantaged. Our last Prophet SAW is the role model all Muslim strive for. If you could spare the time you could read about the life he led. Keep in mind conflicted views on Islam existed at that time too. Give it a casual read and you’ll see the various hardships Muslims had endured then and how they’d gone about tackling them. It seems the hardships for our religion still lives on till this day.

      • Hanamanganda

        I actually have no disagreement with the statement that for a time, about 1000 years ago, Islam was a progressive force. But that was a long time ago. The last few hundred years have been a totally different story.

        Islam can’t refute the reality of today with the memory of a millennium ago.

      • Sonalucard

        Except it can. Like stated in the thread, Islam itself hasn’t changed. Muslims are still asked of to seek knowledge with all their might. They’re to refrain from evil and enjoin goodness. They’re to give back to society. the able are to help the needy. It is even said in you’re not a true Muslim unless you desire for your brother what you desire for yourself. Notice brother is not meant literally, but meant in context to describe people around you and maybe loved ones. You’re not a ‘true’ Muslim when you eat your fill but your neighbour goes hungry. You visit the sick. Help them. Respect your elders. Love, be affectionate and forgiving to those younger. Do not expect of someone else what you do not do yourself. There is even a saying and it goes a bit like this, Prophet SAW gave up eating sweets, which was a favourite of his, just so he can ask a child to refrain from asking his poor father of asking for expensive sweets. There are so many more points to make and I can keep countering all day. Please look at the facts from our point of view. You’re not a Muslim just if you claim to be one. A Muslim who acts as a Muslim should are Muslims. Surely you’re aware of what hypocrite means? Islam itself and Muslims are not to blame. To blame are the people who are terrorists, who spread terror, who enjoin terrorism. I mean, you can NOT rape men, women and children alike, murder civilians under the name of unjust authority and call yourselves ‘Muslims’. More accurately, you can only CALL yourselves Muslims. But clearly the actions prove otherwise. They’re simply the dregs of this societal world. I mean, my country itself was under war with the Pakistani military in 1971. They called themselves ‘Muslims’ but I doubt it could be called anything less than beastly, but it may be called something more. Half my family, literally, from both my mom and dads side, were killed off in the most brutal of ways. Islam forbids the killing of women, children, and other uninvolved citizens, regardless of stature, during ‘wars’. From your point of view, I might just be another person who doesn’t ‘get’ things. I won’t say what Christianity, Jews, or other religions were like. Another beautiful sentence now comes to mind. ‘Lakum deenukum waliya deen’. We are fundamentally required to respect people from all the walks of life regardless of any confining viewpoints, and see them as one of our own people. ‘To you your faith, and to me mine’ . We are not allowed to force beliefs upon others. Most young Muslims including myself have questioned our faith over and over again due to terrorists like the ones we mutually despise. But the further I read into Islam, the more I understand how misplaced stereotypical viewpoints are. And most importantly, I understand why groups like them are just evil scums who need to be addressed to.

      • Hanamanganda

        You paint a beautiful picture, and sounds like you really believe it too, but unfortunately it does not fit the reality.

        You ask me to look at the facts. Here is a fact.

        Can you name a single place in this world where there is a peaceful tolerant islamic society? Where jews and Christians live peacefully and unpersecuted? Where there is free speech and democracy? Where there is a high standard of living due to economic productivity? Where the universities attract students from all over the world due to the high standards? Where Nobel prize winning scientists and researchers have a home?

        Name one country.

      • Sonalucard

        Country or society? People are doing pretty okay in my country. There are the extremist political situations, which isn’t uncommon, but everything else fits. But really? Comparing university standards, residential class and economy to ‘Islamic’ societies? I don’t know about everything else but you yourself are pretty biased and ignorant imo. I replied to another person on this thread before, but I won’t ever bother to explain unless you’re a PA who’ll understand me fully on term

      • Hanamanganda

        IN other words, you can’t name a single tolerant peaceful Islamic country.

        Not sure what “pretty OK”means, and what your country is, but I don’t doubt that if you could have named a single peaceful tolerance Islamic country, you would have.

        Also, at no time did I personally attack you. On the other hand…

      • Sonalucard

        This is not about ‘personally attacking’. I’m sorry if I came off as overly offensive. It’s a bit hard to it seems but please do forgive me. My fight is not with you but with stereotyping. When skeptical people or people with the ability to be able to absorb things as they are are argued with, it is so much more better suited. At the end of the day you may not have convinced him entirely, but the views you shared would be the same. The ideas of difference you put up have absolutely nothing to do with whether a country has Muslims or is Islamic or not. To the more knowledgeable they would counter on more practical and fielded terms. No Political Analysts would even bring up this difference even if say they have a form of visceral aversion of any sort. A countries stability is as depended on the presence of Islam as it is depended upon the position of stars and such. What you say is akin, to provide analogies, to superstition. To take into account Africa consists of people living in the stone age. It just doesn’t make any sense. If I were to provide Historical data, blatant stereotypes would argue provide present day examples. It’s the same fate Galileo suffered to explain his scientific concepts and methods to the authority. If you want Islamic facts look up the Qur’an. If you want facts, it’s all there. Fact, humans exist as different individuals. Fact, there are human heroes, human scholars, human children, human mothers. Fact. There are also human murderers, human bombers and human terrorists. I’m refraining from saying a lot of things because it will otherwise come off as defending the terrorists which is not my intention. Saudi boasts the world’s largest university that provides complete insurance and rights to women. One of my icons Dr. Yunus is a Nobel prize winner who have helped the poor in his country to stand up for themselves potentially putting his business as collateral. I spend time on youtube and following videos on Muhammad Ali is one of the things I did. It’s pretty rare to see icons maintain their primary beliefs. Blame the wrongdoers, the people at fault and not the whole populace. To the well educated, they know better than to see things in a constricted light. Although I see a lot of stereotypes online, I have yet to see one for myself irl. People are aware and know better than to blatantly stereotype. Bottom line is, TERRORISM and HOMICIDES and any such CRIMES need to stop. Period. It may be easier to blame Islam and Muslims and I see how many may find that justified but then again groundless forms of stereotyping and finger pointing needs to stop. Do you know how many hate crimes has been on the rise? Children and kids have been killed for being Muslims. And that is all stereotyping does. It brews blind hatred. Btw I am currently living in Bangladesh and I have been for years now but I won’t reveal my nationality. Just 40 years ago people here had to go through the most torturous of periods under the Pakistani armies regime. You can give it a read if you can make time and you’ll see how this is relevant. Yet you have Pakistani families living here freely. No one hare bears any sort of hatred for the innocent whatsoever.

    • Sonalucard

      You mean the terrorists? I wish people would drop the stereotyping already. If a parrot uttered the vocal harmonics ‘I am a human’; exactly how much of a Homo Sapien does it become?

  • Tap Hue

    These are men of their words. Assuming that Kenji was beheaded by this Muslim “scholar”, it appears that his compassion has turned into a “declaration of war” on Japan:

    “Abe, because of your reckless decision to take part in an unwinnable war, this knife will not only slaughter Kenji, but will also carry on and cause carnagewherever your people are found. So let the nightmare for Japan begin.”

    How did Abe Shinzo get Japan, and its diaspora living as far as Brazil, into this mess? Now these “scholars” operate by getting a convert, who may be of European descent, to run people over with a car. Go on an unannounced shooting spree targeting government buildings, Jewish institutions or the press. In Japan they would get a Japanese convert then or someone from a nearby country for that.

    These “scholars” are well informed. On that count “Jihadi John” appears to be saying what some Americans are thinking themselves, mostly in jest, that Obama is Satanic. However recognition of the Islamic caliphate is most likely not forthcoming:

    “You like your foolish allies in the Satanic coalition have yet to understand that we by Allah’s grace are the Islamic caliphate with authority and power. An entire army thirsty for your blood.”

    • robertsklar

      Men of their words??? Yes, but this is most decidedly not a “declaration of war”. We are “an entire army thirsty for your blood,” They are incapable of anything so focused as a “declaration of war” They are a deranged mob following a deranged ideology and will be eradicated in the same manner as the Ebola virus.

    • yesyoumay .

      Even if you are “an entire army” You are vastly outnumbered! And very ignorant to be making even more enemies! You may kill many people, but it is inevitable, in the end you will die.

  • mary

    Please do not refer to them as IS or ISIS because it gives them legitimacy by referring to them as a State. They are Daesh, a name they do not like but actually describes them better. France, after a terrorist attack, requested that all call them Daesh and that is why you hear so many officials using that name. The name matters and using daesh will discourage young people from joining them. Do a websearch on Daesh to get a better understanding.

    • picnicfun

      We need a name. ISIS will do. A dead ISIS will be better.

  • tommy92

    Hey Japan, stick to your Shinto and Buddhist roots.

    Fortunately you do not have open immigration like the West. Immigration is good and even necessary, but it should be controlled and at a level that ensures integration and the survival of local culture. Islam has no tolerance for Buddhism or Shinto.

    • Tap Hue

      Muslims have been engaged in interfaith dialogue with Buddhist communities. It is not true they have no tolerance for that. In the case of Kenji, some say he was Christian, but public opinion in Jordan for their pilot appears to have brought the negotiations to a deadlock.

      • tommy92

        Islam has some tolerance for Christians and Jews because they are people of the book. Their tolerance for Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus and other “non-book” people is very low.

        Look at the situation of religious minorities in Muslim countries ……. of course you can argue that these countries do not understand Islam ….. Saudi Arabia has no churches, no Buddhist temples (but I guess they do not understand Islam) ….. Qatar has severe restrictions on non-Islamic religions (but they do not understand Islam) ….. even in Turkey, a friendly country with the West, a NATO member … they make life difficult for non-Muslims, etc.

    • Scott

      The militant Buddhist roots? Um, no thank you.

      • tommy92

        Militant Buddhists …… you mean like in Myanmar? They are not motivated by Buddhist scripture. They do not use quotes from their holy book for justification.

        They are motivated by a dislike for the “other” ….. there do not use the example of their prophet to explain their actions, they do not use Buddhist scripture to justify their actions.

    • mijami

      ….. or Christianity or Judaism or Hindu or……………

      • tommy92

        My comment was deleted because I suggested that countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and others are intolerant of other religions …… in Malaysia all Malays are considered Muslim (even if they practice another religion), Saudi Arabia has the death penalty for Muslims who leave their religion, etc.

  • nihondaisuki

    First of all my heart goes out to all of the Japanese people who are affected by this saddest of events. To do such things because their imaginary friend in the sky would want them to do it (or for any other reason) shows it is not possible to co-exist on the same planet with those belonging to IS. They only represent ignorance a stone age view of the world.
    As such, it’s time for a coalition to put boots on the ground and dismantle this global pestilence. Air strikes on their own clearly aren’t getting the job done.
    I agree with a previous poster who recommended Japan keep it’s immigration policy tight and not allow in those who do not share her values wish to integrate fully into her way of life. That was Europe’s biggest mistake. I point to the British born “executioner” and rest my case.

    Nihon ganbatte!!

  • tisho

    I don’t know what they are doing with the hostages but they are not executed, this whole thing is orchestrated. Their previous video of beheading another hostage was also fake for anybody with good observational skills. Why would a self proclaimed blood thirsty merciless group not show the beheading but instead cut the scene right when the knife touches his neck. Also, regarding the japanese hostage, this whole thing comes right at the perfect timing for Abe, right when he went to the middle east, and right when he needs to convince people that changing the constitution is necessary, how convenient. The first photo of the hostages had a lot of doubt about whether its actually real, the shadows are mismatching, the photo looked synthetic on so many levels, and now this. This ISIS organization is being used as an excuse to push some people’s agenda. Sadly very few people have any observational skills or know how to question things and do the research for themselves.

    • Kevin Cronin

      Ha, but lucky us, we have you to point out what we can not see.

    • Dipak Bose

      I have seen about 12 years ago in the Russian TV a video send by the Chechen Muslim Terrorists to that TV station, how the Muslim Chechens were cutting the throat of an elderly Russian whose family could not pay the enough money to the Chechens. Russian TV showed the video in full without any cuts.

  • Karl Jackson

    I don’t believe a bit of this. “ISIS” is a fabrication and the “beheading” videos are amateurish fakes, produced and distributed by a CIA front.

    • Kevin Cronin

      You may be right…the CIA probably sends these guys to the same island Elvis has been living for the past few decades.

      • Karl Jackson

        I think your tinfoil hat may be on a bit too tight.

      • Eagle

        Kevin, your knowledge of history as well as you imaginative and conclusive power doesn’t reach too far and you are filling the gap with sarcasm. Why not giving it a second thought or at least asking questions?
        ISIS is not an organization even the blind can see, It’s a project with well founded and well established purpose. Can’t you see what they are doing and how?

    • picnicfun

      What a damned fool YOU are. There are many thousands of men, women and children dead at their hands. A number dead from beheadings. Are they fabricated? Are the dead not dead? You make me sick.

    • Eagle

      Same thoughts here. It’s sounds like a presumption hard to prove but actually it is a very logical conclusion and makes a lot of sense to me.

    • Viva75

      Please travel to northern Iraq and test your theory. I’d give you until lunchtime on the first day before your either crucified on the spot or wearing an orange jumpsuit…either way you’d be as good as gone.

  • picnicfun

    The Western world and Japan must crush these vermin and not take years to do it. Weeks at most.

  • picnicfun

    I hope Japan and Jordan could take the military lead in killing ISIS man by man on the ground. No more waiting for the U.S. or the U.N. or anyone else. ISIS is nothing but slightly better trained and much better funded criminals. Get rid of them.

  • wagrn


    USA and the world; do something. I like the way “genocide” rolls across my tongue. Do it. Kill every son of Ishmael in existence.

  • tommy92

    Hey Japan, stick to your Buddhist and Shinto roots.

    Islam has little tolerance for religions that are derived from non-Abrahamic religions
    Look at Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, etc. Non-Muslim religions are oppressed and controlled. There are no churches, Sikh temples, Buddhist temples in Saudi Arabia. You cannot freely practice Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism in Qatar, Kuwait, etc. Even Turkey (a NATO member and EU candidate) makes life difficult for non-Muslims.

    • Shiki Byakko

      Not sure if you are aware of this, but Japanese people are for the most part Irreligious.

      • tommy92

        No less than other developed countries.

        I also used the word “roots” and not faith (which refers to religious devotion). Roots is recognizing the historical and cultural legacy of both Shinto and Buddhism in Japanese culture and society.

        Both religions have had a great influence on Japanese society and culture. The root of many customs and social norms can be traced back (roots) to these two philosophies/religions.

        Western Europeans are largely irreligious; however their roots are definitely Christian.

        Even in Japan, many people continue to pray at shrines and have Buddhist alters in their homes. Most are not devout or follow any strict religious principles, but still practice some of the rituals of these ancient faiths. Many people, like in the West, often pray for some psychological comfort (to pass an exam, for prosperity in the new year, for pregnancy, health, their children, etc).

        So I hope Japan sticks to these roots and their culture.

        Buddhism doesn’t require a belief in a Christian type all powerful God, and Shintoism doesn’t have a strict set of beliefs in a Christian/Muslim/Judaism sense. This helps explain some of the traits of Japanese culture, etc, the root of some practices.

      • Shiki Byakko

        What a load of propaganda.

        People also marry at christian churches because it looks glamorous.

        Most of what you said has to do with the fact that here in japan people are superstitious as hell.
        That’s why people even beleive in the whole blood type personality fiasco. It has nothing to do with religion.

        Japan is way more irreligious than western european countries, with 75% of people saying that religion is irrelevant.

      • tommy92

        Again, I used the term roots and not faith.

        Buddhism and Shintoism have had a big effect on Japanese culture. Just as Christianity has had an effect on Western countries. Even if a society is no longer religious, the effect, the historical influence is there. I did not say Japan was a religious society, I said religion has had an effect. It is the root of many social norms and practices. It has influenced culture, etc. Which is true for Europe, America, China, etc.

        I never said anything about religious observance (only 3% of Danes go to Church, 20% Canadians, 5% Swedes, 12% France). So it was not a comment about which country is more religious than another. I said the influence is there. Swedes are not religious, but religion has affected their culture.

        Marry in Christian churches ….. most are not Christian weddings. They look like Christian weddings (many in fake churches, hotels with church looking rooms, fake ministers, etc). They have the appearance of Christian weddings. It is more a style of wedding. A true Christian wedding would require those being married to convert or be Christian.

      • Shiki Byakko

        “A true Christian wedding would require those being married to convert or be Christian.”
        Depends on the congregation. As far as I know, most of the weddings done in churches are Catholic, and they don:t seem to have any problem.

        And you are wrong, cultures are not the result of religion, religion is the result of a culture. Cultures evolve, and when they do, religions change or die.

      • tommy92

        I did not say cultures are the result of religion. I said religion has an effect on culture ….. and yes, cultures influence religion.

        Catholic church usually requires at least one person to be a Catholic, some will only marry if both are Catholic. They tend to require a belief in Jesus and one God.

        Even if you have a wedding that looks Christian. The vast majority of Japanese who have these weddings do not follow Jesus or believe in Jesus. Many weddings are in hotels, and wedding halls owned by private companies.

        Many “ministers” are not ministers but props (a Western face) or are ministers in a very loose way. Some with no religious training, some take an Internet course from a “church” in the US or elsewhere, and yes, some are real ministers. I know two people who performed weddings in Japan. Neither were/are ministers or religious in any way. You are legally married by the papers you sign, not the person standing in front of you.

        Ancestor worship stems from Buddhism, and is widely practised in Japan (by the non-religious), Shrines are busy at various times of the year with people praying. They are not all religious, but the practice has its roots in Shintoism.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Ancestor worship has it’s roots in humanity.

        I think there is not a single human culture that has not respected the dead.

        Check any of the catholic dioceses home pages. They literally tell you you can take the sacraments just a moment before the actual weeding.

        Also, how do you “prove” people are actually Christians?. I think it would be rude to even ASK if you are actually a Christian if someone is going to your church and asking for a weeding.

        Religion is a by-product of a culture. The real problem, and when a “religion” influences a culture, is when it becomes obsolete. When the culture has clearly moved on and the religion is still the same, imposing old moral rules, slowing the natural development of civilization.

      • tommy92

        Ancestor worship is indeed found across cultures, but it is frowned upon in most Christian denominations.

        Ancestor worship in Japan has definitely been influenced by Buddhism. Many homes have a Buddhist alter when a parent has died, and it is the focus of honouring and praying to ancestors. This does not mean the person is religious, but the root of the practice stems from Buddhism. Just as going to a Shrine around New Years, or bringing children to a Shrine for Shichigosan has its roots in Shintoism. Non-religious people participate, but the roots are from religion.

        My whole statement was that these two religions have had an influence on Japanese culture and some customs can be traced to these religions. Festivals and various events trace their origin to Shintoism and Buddhism. Saying Itadakimasu before a meal has religious roots (just like saying Bless You when someone sneezes in English speaking countries has its roots in religion, but is not said for religious reasons anymore).

        I never suggested people were religious, but these religions have definitely had an influence on Japanese culture. This is true in the West as well. Christianity has influenced laws and other traditions in the West.

        Most Japanese people are definitely not Christian, and most who had Christian style weddings (have the appearance of Christian weddings) did not convert and do not follow Jesus.

        I have family in Japan and some have had Western style weddings ….. they say Western and not Christian ….. they are definitely not Christian and went through no process of learning about the religion or being baptized into the faith ….. baptism is essential for all Christians. Many were married in wedding halls …. private companies with a chapel looking room, or at hotels with the same. It was all about the pretty dress.

      • Shiki Byakko

        I like your completely convenient argument.
        You want to make religion important somehow, I get it, but then, when I show you that people in japan also take part in “Western/Christian” religious ceremonies, you get all defensive and taking the opposite position that it is just the pretty dress. By that reaction, at this point I think it is safe to assume you are Christian.

        In Japan Tarot is also very popular, I’ve seen far more people in Japan who actually have tarot cards and know their meaning that in “the west”. Does that mean that tarot has affected Japanese culture? Maybe, but just because it was something external to it, and it made an impact that lead a change in the culture.

        On the other hand, Shinto was born in Japan, it was a complete by product of ancient Japanese Culture, and it reflects it. It was so much so, that when Buddhism was introduced into the island, people adopted it and mixed it with Shinto, to the point that for most Japanese it gets confusing which one was the Shinto shrine and which one was the Buddhist shrine.

        Buddhism did affected culture, because it was something extern that was introduced into the island, but it has been too long since then. So many things have been introduced into the island, and today’s culture has little to do with the culture of 1000 years ago.

        Pop music affected the culture, Hollywood movies affected the culture, Race carts affected the culture, and so on.

        So, why do you focus so much on religion?. Let me tell you why, because for you religion is probably important. But what is important to you does not matter in the great scheme of things.

  • Ricky Smith

    61 Muslims died in a bomb blast in a Mosque in Pakistan yesterday, I dont see any tears shed for them, your hate for ISIS is one sided….America dropped 2 Nukes on Japan and killed over 250,000 civilians, yet Americans pretend to be so sad now….

    • tommy92

      Deal with today not the past. Any nation has historical wrongs. We are talking about 2015.

    • Dipak Bose

      Those who were killed in Pakistan are Shia Muslims. Creator of Pakistan MA Jinnah was a Shia. Because of him, millions of non-Muslims in India were killed and millions more became destitute refugees. there is no difference between a Shia and a sunny regarding violence towards the non-muslims. thus, no tears are needed.

      • Sonalucard

        Are you aware of the Bangldesh-Pakistan war of 1971 then?

  • Samie Carvalho

    Abe must be so happy now. The perfect excuse to enforce his militarista agenda, more censorship on midia, excuse to more xenophobia against non-japanese inside Japan and enforce more policies limitating the individual rights of the citizens of Japan. I see…

    • Gordon Graham

      Sad how some seem happy that innocent people have been murdered allowing for a plum opportunity to exploit misery and posit political criticisms.

  • Uncle Bob

    ISIS wants to make enemies with Japan Eh? Not a good idea, for the Japanese also have a long tradition of lopping off heads – only the Katana does it far more efficiently. ISIS should be warned of the consequences of provoking Japanese militarism. If Japan were to again mobilize into total war mode, their enemies would likely face an army of terrifying robotic war machines manufactured by Honda, Toyota, Yamaha and Suzuki.

  • xexon

    It is with such sadness…

    I stated earlier that Japanese intelligence forces should be brought to bear here. This is your green light from a nation to do whatever is needed to bring these criminals to justice.

    It is most regrettable that Japan is now a part of the mess in the Middle East. This is a land where strength is respected. You must reach out and touch someone to make that point clear to them.


    • Juno1721

      Narrow your search to a square mile then napalm the entire square. Don’t worry, the Good Ones will go to Heaven.

  • timefox

    I’ll wish for Mr. Goto’s rest in peace.

    it’s wrong to criticize Prime Minister Abe for reason of “Abe killed Yukawa”.
    Japanese doesn’t have to be a subcontractor of ISIS.
    And Japanese doesn’t have to be handled by ISIS.

    Don’t ignore that ISIL killed Mr. Yukawa and Mr.Goto.

    A terrorist kidnaped Japanese.
    A terrorist restricted Japanese.
    A terrorist threatened Japanese.
    A terrorist killed Japanese.
    A terrorist should be criticized.

    Using a terrorist, it’s a mistake to ask Abe political power for compromise.
    That’s same as supporting a terrorist.
    Are you terrorist’s company?

    It’s unrelated to the reason that you criticize Japanese Government.
    It’s a mistake to criticize Japanese Government using terrorist’s insistence.

  • Juno1721

    The gloves came off with the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Islam is the ideology of a gang of murderers. The so called prophet was a murderous dictator who killed and slaughtered across the Middle East – at the end he demands the world call him ‘Prophet’ and claim he speaks for what Humans hold sacred. Actually Mohamed was a scummy common murderer and child molestor who invented a fake deity named ‘allah’. ‘Allah’ is evidently the resource these murderers expect us to accept has caused them to be the worthless human garbage they have achieved.
    Islam, Moslim, fake religion, Allah – fake ideal which the world rejects.

  • AbuLahab

    It’s really a overgrown personality cult with one added element, Allah.

    • Juno1721

      What’s an ‘Allah’ ?

      • AbuLahab

        Allah is God of Islam. For personality cults there would be the leader, but here Mohammad is always partnered with Allah, i.e. Allah and his apostle…

  • Moco

    They demand 2 billon yen for 2.So dead man could pay for it?
    He was not needed to die.

  • Moco

    Abe want to break out war, so he dose not save them.

    Japan is Korean puppet gov..

    • Eagle

      I don’t think it is Abe who wants the war, he might serve those influential elite who wants it in a way or another, though. I think he just wants to make money and revitalize Japan’s ailing industry and economy by establishing lucrative arms export, not only by challenging the world top 5 five biggest arms exporters but also the enemies of those whom he supplies with arms, which might cost him and Japan a price that they will never be able to pay off. Dangerous game for the unprepared .

      • Moco

        He intend to change Constitution No.9, they are hawks to earn a killing from war.

  • Stryke

    The beheading of Goto was tragic and merciless, very similar to the countless beheadings performed by Japanese soldiers and officers on the innocent civilians of Nanking, China in 1937. What goes around, comes around.

    • Juno1721

      Yes, that’s the point – so watch out murderers for Allah.

    • tommy92

      Deal with today. Not the past.

      So your philosophy is that the murder of an innocent is justified because something bad happened 70 years ago???? Nice logic.

      That game can be played forever. A Chinese citizen is murdered …. oh well Mao murdered millions, Chinese fought a war against South Korea, and suppressed Tibetans ….. therefore OK?!?!? Makes no sense.

      Mao probably did more damage to Chinese culture than the Japanese, killed millions, forced millions into re-education camps, brutalized Tibet, destroyed temples, killed monks and tore down historical buildings …… oh, and invaded South Korea, supports North Korea (gulags, torture, destruction of historical buildings, etc.) to this day and is the reason why the Koreas are not unified.

    • Gisele Fernandes

      China killed it’s own people (millions and millions), by famine in the past. Nowadays, kills by slavery, pollution, unfair executions and freedom of speech is non-existent. So, by your logic, all the Communist Party of China’s members must be executed.

  • Moco

    Abe wants to break out war, so he wouldnot save them.
    He is rich, so he will earn a lot by war.
    He seems to be gentle, but he is a curel

  • KenjiAd

    Of course it’s easy for keyboard warriors to talk tough, because they aren’t the ones who kill humans or get killed. It’s always someone else’s job to do it, right?

    There was and is no reason for Japan to get involved in this mess. Abe made a huge mistake, undoing efforts by the past administrations to not get involved in Middle East (ME), just because he wanted Japan to play a bigger role in international politics. He chose a wrong target (ME) in pursuing his personal desire.

    • tommy92

      These senseless deaths have nothing to do with Abe or even Japan’s involvement with the world. The two individuals who were killed were not in the region as a result of the Japanese government. They both went to Iraq/Syria as private citizens.

      They were not targeted because of the actions of the Japanese government (past or present). They were targeted because they were foreigners, and they were not Muslim.

      • KenjiAd

        These senseless deaths have nothing to do with Abe…

        For this argument to be valid, you have to show that these two Japanese hostages would have been killed, even if Abe had not announced the $200-million aid to the countries that are at war with ISIS.

        There is no evidence to support that kind of view, while much evidences are against it.

        First, the ISIS kidnappers contacted Goto’s wife long before the public video demanding the $200-million ransom. The only sensible interpretation of this initial contact would be that, at that point, ISIS was more interested in money (or some other kind of deal) than killing the hostage, correct?

        Second, only a few days after Abe’s announcement, ISIS made that video, in which they mentioned Abe’s announcement as the reason for their demanding $200-mil ransom.

        Third, after killing Mr. Yukawa, ISIS changed the demand from ransom to the release of a terrorist held by Jordan. That’s precisely because the Abe Administration made a second mistake by publicly listing Jordan as the mediator for hostage negotiation. That was plenty stupid, because Jordan has been bombing ISIS.

        I certainly hope that, in the coming days, cool heads will eventually prevail and analyze many mistakes the Abe Administration has made.

    • Kiuri

      Just because Japan is far from Middle East, you say ISIS is none of Japan’s problem?

      Such a egocentric attitude is unjustifiable under the situation. The human tragedy and misery under ISIS is everybody’s problem, and every civilized nation has a good reason to be involved. Especially a powerful and influential nation like Japan, with its economic and technological resources, has a duty to get involved and offer a helping hand. Abe is doing the right thing.

  • GBR48

    There are some fights that you cannot honourably avoid.

    Those who are advocating hiding behind the sofa, and blaming either Kenji Goto himself or the Japanese government for what has happened, must have been terrible friends to have had at school, particularly if you were being bullied, as they clearly would not have assisted you. Their arguments are dishonourable and cowardly, utilising cheap rhetorical sophistry to appear considered and credible.

    The Islamic State and the other militant Islamic groups have pitched themselves against every civilised nation, often without provocation. Nigeria, the US, France, the UK, China and now Japan are only some of the most high-profile of their victims. They have raped, tortured and murdered innocent men, women and children, including many Muslims, across the planet.

    They are savages, a cancer on humanity, and need to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

    The people and nation of Japan should be proud to stand united against such barbarism in whatever capacity it sees fit.

  • Moco

    Jordan said that Japan must talk with them for itsself. But gov.announced that we leave it to Jordan.
    Strange. Why ‘boke’?
    Only they can do is to pay money.

    • Gordon Graham

      blah blah indecipherable blah blah Japan

  • Moco

    Japanese gov. should pay the ransom for 1. That’s only thing to do for it.
    China blamded Abe to break out wars, it is said.
    89%lawmakers agree to change Constitution No.9.
    Only 33%nations agree with it.

  • Moco

    Farce by operatives, it is said.


  • Moco

    Farce by operatives, it is said.
    Abe and financial cobine, ‘zaibatsu’ want to involve Japanese into wars.


  • Dipak Bose

    All Muslims of japan should be expelled. Why do they come to Japan to create Mosques?

  • Dipak Bose

    The solution is to send all Muslims to their respective countries, not to alllow them to come out and go to any non-Islamic countries. No non-Muslim countries should host any Muslims. Muslims should be confined to the Muslim countries only. No country should sell them any weapons or anything else and should not buy anything from them either.
    Now it is the time to call Putin to destroy ISIS. Obama-Kerry-Clinton-Brizhizhinsky-Biden are obcessed with their plan to destroy Syria and ultimately Russia. They have created ISIS out of the terrorist gangs against Assad, the last Progressive Secular ruler of a Middle east country after the destruction of Afghanistan ( Dr.Najjubllah), Iraq (Saddam Hussain) and Libya ( Gadaffi) by the US-UK-France who supported terrorists like Muzzahideens, Taliban, and terrorist countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc etc who have created these.

  • Marilyn999

    At the moment, Japanese really wish for Jordanian to get back their pilot safely. We should get back at least one of the three.

  • georgejochnowitz

    ISIS kills people. Boko Haram kidnaps young women; it is also fighting a war to seize territory from Nigeria. Al-Qaeda kills students and teachers in Peshawar. Nevertheless, Israel remains the most hated nation on earth.

    • Chris Sky

      that’s because Israel has placed millions of people in an open air prison surrounded by walls with machine guns, prevents food, medicine and building supplies from entering the “occupied territories”… not to mention murdering women and children with impunity for decades, using banned weapons of war like white phospherous and depleted uranium, and going out of it way to bomb DESIGNATED UN SHELTERS… … and they racked up no less than 39 charges of war crimes at the UN.

      and that’s just how Israel deals with Palestine… nevermind how they use and abuse America! … and THAT’s why the INFORMED people of the world dislike Israel. ;)

      • georgejochnowitz

        In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, thus creating an independent Palestinian mini-state. Ariel Sharon announced that if things worked out, Israel would unilaterally withdraw from most of the West Bank.What happened? The BDS Movement began immediately after Israel announced it would withdraw. Gazans began aiming rockets at civilians.
        Israel has the highest percentage of Muslim women doctors in the Middle East. It certainly allows food and medicine to enter Gaza, which has a relatively high standard of living despite the blockade. It treats Arabs from many countries in its hospitals, permitting people with medical problems to enter the country. And it was the very first country to set up field hospitals in Haiti after the earthquake there.

      • Chris Sky

        sure thing bud. ALL of Palestine still has a full scale military blockade from land, sea, and air, (And even tunnels!) with regular incursions (almost daily) by Israeli forces… so Israel can lie and declare the (Ever shrinking area) of PAlestine “Unoccupied” because it’s safer to shoot from behind walls and only making tactical incursions, than try to live amongst your victims every day. but it doesn’t change the fact that Israel is and has been the aggressor since 1947 and continues to commit war crimes like clock work.

        when you have to say (with gritted teeth and a forked tongue) “gaza has a relatively high standard of living despite the blockade” you’ve already lost. No sovereign nation need suffer a BLOCKADE to curb their development and oppress them… You just admitted the reason why the entire world is starting to unite against Israel, except those glue to their American Zionist Tv screens! Thankfully there are about 200 other coutnries besides the usa!

      • Rob

        You do realize that Gaza shares a border with Egypt, don’t you? They don’t want to open their borders to terrorists either. Or do you think that Egyptians are also just puppets of the Jews?

      • Chris Sky

        unfortunately the majority of the world’s government have become puppets of the Zionists… however The People have awoken. ;)

  • Chris Sky

    Another FAKE beheading video and more idiotic Americans foaming at the mouth, lining up to fight another war for Israel.

    That the entire purpose of these fake videos in the first place… the make Americans AFRAID and ANGRY at “islam” so they will invade and destroy more middle eastern countries that never attacked the USA in order to “get ISIS” like ISIS somehow represents specific countries? it’s like saying the KKK represents the USA so if the KKK make a video of beheading a Russian journalist, it gives Russia the “right” to bomb and invade the USA to ‘get the KKK”

    … but that’s what EMOTIONAL reactions (fear and anger) do to you… they inhibit your ability for RATIONAL THINKING. and make you easy to manipulate against your own best interests.

    you think America would have learned by now.

    • Gordon Graham

      Can you say that while drinking a glass of water?

  • Claire Shao

    And we’re worried about water boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques…

    Do people not realize the type of barbarians we are dealing with?

    The problem is – Obama is in over his head. When he cut and run from the Middle East, attacks like these should have been expected. Consider this another one of Obama’s mess-ups.

    Obama has allowed ISIS to grow. Allowed Taliban to regain lost ground. Allowed Putin to take over countries at will. Domestically, he has caused an immigration crisis, ruined our economy, and forced us to by health insurance we don’t need.

    I now am forced to pay $500/month for health insurance and it was only $200 before O-care! (My car insurance is only $25/month from Insurance Panda, for comparison. A private company!) Please Obama, don’t stick your hand in anything else!

    Senator Feinstein…..what have you got to say?

    To think that some people are so worried about the terrorists rights. Sickening.

  • Charles Burns

    Time for Japanese to remove the “We are Japanese…We don’t bother anyone…We are kind, sweet, innocent people” blinders they wear throughout their lives. Wake up – nobody thinks Japanese people are heavenly sent except for your own people. I see protestors/demonstrators in Japan with signs reading “WE DON’T NEED MILITARY FORCE.” Well, please inform us what it is you need? A bag of money each time one of your people are ransomed by ISIS? Because once you pay the first time, you set the precedent to pay every time. It’s a failed way to deal with ISIS. Or trying to rationalise that because you are not directly involved in the war effort against ISIS, you are innocent and should be immune from their persecutions? That logic is wasted breath, as well. Time to realise you are not the center of the universe, and your blood is the same color as the rest of ours when it’s spilt.

  • Tomoko Endo

    If they want to be richer, they must trow away
    guns and live nomal lives.Wars always destroy cultures
    and happy lives. People should live bitter lives.In Tokyo.
    they seem to be happy?Seemingly. Smilings are a part of jobs in our culture. Buddha said that life is suffering and I believed it.
    And no persistance bear no sadness, words of Buddha.
    If young girls laugh happily, once they become wives
    and mothers, they’ve changed. They want to be wise for her husbands and children. We see our small happiness.
    We donot have big happiness, but we are dreaming through smalk happiness.

  • Chuck

    Ignorance is bliss! You don’t win wars by killing only soidiers.

  • Stinky

    I keep telling Japan to get the Muslim filth out of their country before their numbers increase. Right now, the Muslims are not a problem but they will be.

  • Stinky

    Do you not understand that Muslims are killing innocent people for fun? If your house was infested with cockroaches, would you spare the eggs they lay? Politically Correct morons like yourself are the reason these filthy Muslims have infested the free western countries and are over running them and killing, raping, harassing, enslaving, & stealing from the rightful citizens.

  • jackdl

    The ISIS videos are conveniently used to promote Japanese militarism! US imperialist policy is to encircle China. US imperialism is using the Japanese people as pawns in its chess game. Who really controls ISIS? Everything they do conveniently serves US aims.

    ISIS is an outgrowth of Al Qaeda. US imperialism created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 1980s to bring down the Soviet Union. Al Qaeda has been used by the US ever since.

    • Gordon Graham

      Tom Clancy called…he wants his imagination back

  • Dipak Bose

    Muslims should not be allowed in any non-Muslim countries; they must stay only in the Muslim countries. There will be no trade between Muslim and non-Muslim countries. They will not allowed to travel to any non-Muslim countries. They must be isolated completely.

    To start with Japan should expel every Muslims from Japan, .

  • Adi Abbadi

    Our condolences go out to Goto’s family and with the people of Japan for their terrible loss, all Jordanians stand with you, peace and love from Jordan

  • sasit93

    The heinous crime against the ‘Humanity’ in slaughtering the Japanese national is wholeheartedly disdained.

  • Strategist

    Evening, my message and suggestion might have come a few days too late, never the less I shall pose my question.

    I’ve been closely following the Japanese journalist hostage situation via NHK World News. My take on the matter explains how the so called “deadlocked” could have been alleviated and the situation could have turned for the better.

    My theory is based on the English terminology; Tit-for-tat (“equivalent retaliation”)

    Picking up from the point where the Japanese foreign minister said “hostage negotiations has become deadlocked” (Jan. 31, 2015)

    What I fail to understand is that all three parties involved in the situation (Japan, Jordan, IS) were on equal playing ground. All of which had a bargaining chip (apology for using this term).

    Both Japan and Jordan requested the safe return of Hostage Japanese journalist Kenji Goto and airman Maaz al-Kassasbeh. IS on the other hand requested the safe return of Iraqi female jihadist Rishawi. All three parties have something to gain.

    Put simply, the Japanese government should have instructed its Jordanian counterpart to respond to IS by threatening to kill Iraqi female jihadist Rishawi unless the requested evidence that the pilot, who crashed in Syria on December 24, is still alive is shown.

    Why was a similar strategy not used?

    The given evidence of IS requesting the return of jihadist Rishawi alive is clear proof that Rishawi is important to them.

    If I had been a Japanese national living in Japan I would have no doubt taken this theory to the streets in the form of a protest.

    Let me know your take on my strategy.



  • preventallwarsdotorg

    Mr. Kenji Goto a renowned journalist only found himself in ISIL’s captivity because of his very strong humanitarian determination to free his friend, Mr. Yukawa, from ISIL. What a man!
    How brave and excellent of Mr. Goto. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  • Eagle

    Japanese have to get back their feet and seek revenge or they get the next punch in their face in no time. And that will be a really big one.

  • Dipak Bose

    Only a few months ago John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry were supporting ISIS ( in different names like Al Nusra etc) and giving billions directly or indirectly to them to destroy Syria.

  • Mr. Drk.

    Hi. My name is Emre. I’m from Turkey. I’m sory for you loss.(Turkish: Başınız Sağolsun) And I want to say that: Islam commands to do good for people. We lived in peace for hundreds of years. Please denigrate Islam without knowing. Muslims do not act like this. These people had nothing to do with Islam.

  • barada

    ISIS is a small group, albeit extreme, and far from being a nation-sate level power.

    They are obviously targetting country after country, 1-at-a-time, in order to provoke a wider war. They are pushing everybody’s buttons, and it is working like a dream. More countries are being motivated to join a wider conflict,
    which benefits ____________?

    The Shiite majority in Iran fears and despises ISIS, just as much as Israel does.
    Many in the middle east are not sympathetic with ISIS. Some people in the Arabic world even suspect ISIS could be CIA operatives trying to provoke support for a region-wide war.

    Also, It is unfair, and inaccurate, to label an entire religion, although it is getting easier to do, as disgusting, violent acts tend to blur thoughts and encourage payback.

    A majority of the Saudi people are Sunnis who tend to be sympathetic with ISIS, but most of the Saudi ruling class are friends of the US, due to the busines$ done between them. Much of ISIS’s funding comes from Saudi Arabia.
    There’s a bit of uncomfortable contradiction right there.

    The situation is far more complex than just “Islam is evil and that’s that”, as some here seem to conclude.

    But admittedly, clear-thinking is difficult when dealing with hideous acts of violence, that are specifically designed to invoke feelings of revenge, which is a very human soft-spot.

    And let’s never forget—ISIS sprang from the ashes of the disastrous Iraq invasion by America, for those weapons of mass-destruction that were never found. But ofcourse all the oil drilling contract$ changed hands, for sure, as a a result of the war. Mission accomplished, Geo Dubya Bush.

    We have Bush to thank for this bloody legacy.

  • Big__Nate

    Kenji Kun! Wasurenai yo. #GIRI

  • Beez Waxman

    yet, we still find Americans complaining about the government invading the privacy of US citizens in an effort to gather intelligence. To me, it is a small sacrifice and price to pay i an effort to more effectively deal with the growing cancer called “Muslim extremists”. Their whining wouldn’t stop until something terrible happens…

    • Sonalucard

      *** “extremists”