Foreign Ministry details ‘Japan House’ propaganda initiative


The Foreign Ministry plans to set up new cultural centers in London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo in fiscal 2016 to spread information on Japan’s culture, technology and diplomatic policies abroad.

The facilities, called Japan House communication centers, are intended to promote Japanese culture through animation and comic book displays, restaurants, and shops selling regional specialties, ministry officials said.

If the related expenses in the fiscal 2015 budget are approved, the ministry will open the facilities as early as March 2016. Additional Japan Houses centers are envisioned for Hong Kong, Jakarta and Istanbul.

The ministry hopes the facilities, to be set up in busy urban areas and headed by local figures, will sway global opinion toward Japan in its various disputes with China and South Korea.

  • zer0_0zor0

    Setting up such centers is one of the few legitimate ways for countries to support civil society activities in other countries, but it is interesting to see the objective stated at the end of the article

    The ministry hopes the facilities… will sway global opinion toward Japan in its various disputes with China and South Korea.

  • GBR48

    The Japan Centre in London has been doing much of this (albeit not ‘propaganda’!) since 1976, supplying Japanese goodies and publicising events. I suspect many people thought that it was in some way an official organisation.

    There’s always room for a bit of showcasing, not least because the number of real Japanese people abroad seems to be declining. Japanese fashion is well worth promoting, and do feel free to send some idol groups over as ambassadors.

    The prospect of seeing legions of ’48 idols, Momusu and Momoclo slugging it out with T-ARA, 4Minute and Girl’s Generation in acts of competitive pop-aganda in London would be most welcome.

  • Ahojanen

    The word “propaganda” may bring some negative connotation. It better be called simply PR which is little extraordinary or unique as many other countries do the same.

    The initiative is more in response to local demands.