Princess Kako to transfer to ICU from Gakushuin


Princess Kako, a granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, has passed the entrance examination for International Christian University in Tokyo, the Imperial Household Agency said Thursday.

The 19-year-old daughter of Prince Akishino, the Emperor’s second son, is scheduled to enroll in ICU’s college of liberal arts from April next year after quitting Gakushuin University in Tokyo in August.

According to the agency, Princess Kako switched to ICU because she wanted to learn a vast range of liberal arts and English. She will decide on her major when she becomes a junior.

She took a special exam called an “admissions office exam,” in which students are screened by their application documents and group discussions. She was one of 71 students who passed the exam out of 171 applicants.

Princess Mako, her 23-year-old sister, graduated from ICU this spring. The school is located in the western suburb of Mitaka.

Princess Kako enrolled in Gakushuin’s Faculty of Letters in April 2013 after receiving her primary and secondary education from the Gakushuin system, where members of the Imperial family have traditionally studied.

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