The Royal Opera House rolled out the red carpet for young people on Thursday for season opener "Anna Nicole," based on the life of the late American stripper and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith whose voluptuous surgically enhanced cleavage attracted a billionaire.

Traditionally the season opener would be a well-heeled event with lavish displays of diamonds and luxury cars. But in a deliberate bid to cross the generational divide and fill the house with young people, the The venue sold seats that sometimes go for as much as £200 ($325) for prices ranging from £1 to £25 for students and people aged 16 to 25.

The result was an audience that looked, by design, like it might have been more at home in a rock club than an opera house. The Royal Opera House threw in finishing touches, including a short stretch of red carpet on the street outside while pretend paparazzi flashed cameras as the audience arrived. They also sold popcorn during the interval.