30,000 urged to evacuate as downpours lash northern Kyoto

Staff Report

Heavy rainfall was reported in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture early Friday morning, prompting local governments to issue evacuation advisories to more than 30,000 people, NHK reported Friday.

In Ayabe, Kyoto, nearly 200 mm of rain, a record amount, fell in the three hours until 4 a.m., which is equivalent to an average monthly rainfall in September, according to the Meteorological Agency.

Some houses in Ayabe were reported to be flooded, and the Ayabe Municipal Government issued an evacuation advisory at 4:05 a.m. to all 34,159 local residents.

Evacuation advisories were also issued in other areas, including Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture, and Fukuchiyama, Kyoto Prefecture, as the agency is warning the areas at risk of floods, mudslides and tornadoes.

Heavy rain was expected to continue through Friday, according to agency forecasts.

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