Academy to honor Hayao Miyazaki


The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Thursday it has picked anime director Hayao Miyazaki as one of three recipients of its Honorary Award this year.

The only other Japanese to receive the award was Akira Kurosawa, in 1990 at the 62nd Academy Awards.

The other recipients this year will be French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere and Irish actress Maureen O’Hara.

The award, which honors the recipients’ lifetime achievements in the film industry, will be presented Nov. 8 at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

Miyazaki’s “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” (“Spirited Away”) won the Oscar for Animated Feature Film in 2003. His other works include “Mononoke-hime” (“Princess Mononoke”) and “Kaze Tachinu” (“The Wind Rises”), which was nominated for best animated feature at the 86th annual Academy Awards last March.

Miyazaki said last September he was retiring from filmmaking.

VIDEO: Hayao Miyazaki announces his retirement

VIDEO: Hayao Miyazaki speaks at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (2008)


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  • Michieie

    The Academy can BTFO. They only selected The Wind Rises for the last Oscars because Miyazaki was going to retire, as for rest the judges ignored or outright refused to vote on the Best Animated Feature section because “it was for kids”, leaving out wonderful movies like Madoka Magica Rebellion (definitely not for kids, very psycological) and Letters to Momo.