Nuclear emergency evacuation plans lagging in 11 prefectures: survey

Efforts to estimate the time needed to evacuate residents living within 30 km of a nuclear power plant in an emergency are behind schedule in half of the prefectures concerned, a Kyodo News survey shows.

Local governments within 30 km of a nuclear power plant are supposed to estimate the time needed for residents to get to safe locations when an evacuation is ordered, and to use those estimates to pinpoint road crossings where congestion is likely in order to coordinate evacuation routes.

But the effort is behind schedule in 11 of the 21 prefectures affected, the survey found. The state-led effort was supposed to be completed by March last year, but it has taken more time than expected to obtain the data needed to carry out the estimations, officials said.

In five of the 11 prefectures — Fukui, Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki and Kagoshima — there are communities within 30 km of at least one nuclear plant that is awaiting permission to restart.

The other six prefectures are Aomori, Fukushima, Niigata, Shizuoka, Tottori and Shimane.

  • swissjoe

    Interesting story. But hardly surprising since the Japanese leadership still cannot accept the social responsibility surrounding the ongoing Fukushima Daichi nuclear incident.

    This is a cultural failure of not only the Japanese, but the global community.

    Simply ignoring the vast array of issues created by nuclear energy production is ignoring sound risk management practices

  • swissjoe

    Appreciate the worldview and personal altitude.
    AlphaOS wrote; ” … necessary for Japan to conduct safe preventive measures against both internal and external nuclear threats”

    This is the fear promoted to frighten the the political centre into believing leadership is conserving the community. All the while doing exactly the opposite and bringing about a paradigm shift in core cultural values to suit neoliberal agendas.

    AlphaOS wrote; “If Japan doesn’t cope with these at the end of the year 2020, then expect the most worst scenarios possible.”

    This is one possible timeline, probabilities are there is actually many safe and integral solutions.

    As any honest foresight practitioner could demonstrate.

    Be very wary of those promoting a nuclear solution to solve transitory issues. As the residual effect of the nuclear industry is going to carry on for over half a million years. This is the denial in play, and far greater than ignoring climate change.