Two Japanese anti-nuclear groups urged Taiwanese on Tuesday to join their international campaign seeking to abolish a law in Japan that exempts suppliers of nuclear plant equipment from legal responsibilities for accidents.

Members of No Nukes Asia Actions and No Nukes Asia Forum told a news conference at the nation's legislature that they intend to file the "Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit" against Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd. and General Electric Co., which produced the reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant.

Akihiro Shima, a legal adviser for the groups, said that while power companies and the government are held legally responsible for any nuclear disaster in Japan, they want reactor manufactures to be held accountable as well.

Apart from abolishing the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages, the lawsuit seeks symbolic compensation of ¥100 per individual plaintiff from the three manufacturers for "spiritual damage" from the 2011 nuclear crisis.

It will be filed in the Tokyo District Court.

The groups are hoping to get 2,000 people to join the plaintiff team by the end of February.

They will also visit South Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Germany, Canada and the United States with the aim of getting 10,000 people on board by the end of March.