‘Autograph-seekers’ throw bucket of feces into Taiwan pop star’s van


Taiwanese pop star Jam Hsiao said he’s outraged by an alleged attack in which two apparent autograph-seekers threw a bucket of fecal matter into his van.

The 26-year-old singer told reporters Tuesday that two motorcyclists approached his van asking for autographs before the attack. He said his driver was hit and suffered bruises while pursuing the motorcyclists, but Hsaio himself was unharmed.

Hsiao said he was outraged by Monday’s incident and called on the authorities to find the culprits, saying “I demand an answer.”

He said the attackers asked if it was his car, so he believes they were looking for him, but he said he had no known enemies and did not know who would want to harm him.

“I hope whoever hired these two men gets the harshest punishment,” Hsiao said. “I hope whoever was paid to do this . . . I want them to know, they will regret it.”

Police are investigating but have taken no one into custody.

Known for his explosive high notes, Hsiao rose to Mandarin pop prominence after appearing on the “Super Star Boulevard” talent show in 2007.