Accused killer says he hid in victim’s home


The man accused of stalking and stabbing to death 18-year-old high school student Saaya Suzuki confessed that he was waiting inside her Mitaka, Tokyo, home to kill her, investigative sources said Thursday.

“In the afternoon on the day it happened, I entered Suzuki’s house through the window and waited there for her,” Charles Thomas Ikenaga, 21, was quoted as saying by Metropolitan Police Department investigators. They also alleged that Ikenaga spent several hours in the closet of her room Tuesday.

In an embarrassing twist that could lead to further criticism of their failure to save the girl’s life, it was revealed that officers at the Mitaka Police Station, where Suzuki reported being stalked earlier Tuesday, phoned her around 4:30 p.m. to confirm she was at home. She was believed slain around 5 p.m.

Ikenaga is believed to have attacked Suzuki soon after she returned and killed her in front of her house, where her body was found.

According to the investigators, Ikenaga confessed to entering the empty house through a second-floor window, and going downstairs to her room. Police believe the window was not locked.

Police also quoted Ikenaga as saying: “I came to Tokyo on Sept. 27 and bought a knife at a store in Kichijoji (in the adjacent city of Musashino) the next day.”

Police said Suzuki was stabbed multiple times in five areas of her body. She was wounded in her abdomen, the back of the neck and right shoulder, they said.

Investigators said Ikenaga was seen by witnesses atop Suzuki in the street and allegedly attacked her from behind while she was running away.

The police have turned the murder case over to prosecutors.

At a news conference Thursday, National Police Agency chief Tsuyoshi Yoneda said he hopes the MPD will humbly and earnestly investigate why the police failed to save Suzuki’s life.

“Taking into account (the consequences of the failed response by police) in Suzuki’s case, the safety of stalking victims should be the first priority,” Yoneda said.

Meanwhile, an acquaintance of Ikenaga’s mother living in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, revealed on her behalf that Ikenaga called his mother to tell her what he had done soon after killing Suzuki.

The acquaintance said he seemed panicked on the telephone.

  • iamanamericantoo

    Such a dangerous place. It’s probably because of the society with young adults and teenagers. How they were raised and taught. Parents need to take control of their children and teach them the basics of life and living in a society. When things happen in other countries, people in Japan talk as if Japan is the safest place on earth, it is not. espicially with teenagers and and young adults. Bodies grow into adults but the brain may still be that of a child without proper raising. Just because a person turns 20 doesn’t meen that they are adults. Schools need to fail students who are not ready to face the world. Just because they attend classes doesn’t mean that they fulfilled their study. Most Japanese parents don’t talk to their teenage kids or are not capable. They do have facilities for juveniles to got to when they are “uncontrollable”. Adults in Japan needs to start to take responsibility in their own actions. They have this habit of asking “dare no sekinin?” for every little problems and avoid things when the have to be responsible. life is your own responsibility. Raise your kids properly. HIgh Schooling should be a required study. Sometimes it is so depressing with what happensin the world and our community. My condolenses to the family for their lost of their child.

  • wefef

    The police are just as inept and the family of the young woman as well. Everyone has a false sense of security about their lives, as if we all feel like we’re untouchable. Truth is, the line between life and death is razor thin. May she rest in peace but if it were my daughter she would not be out and about until the matter was resolve. The killer obviously did the crime premeditated but to think that just some time ago they were a happy couple. We need to always be alert and teach our children to be aware as well.