U.S. plans resumption of Osprey transfers to Okinawa


The U.S. military has informed Tokyo it will resume transferring MV-22 Osprey aircraft to Okinawa this week, after the fatal crash of a U.S. Air Force chopper in the prefecture last week saw the shipments suspended, a government source said.

Ten tilt-rotor Ospreys are set to be sent from Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, to U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, where they will join two MV-22s that arrived at the base earlier this month, as well as 12 others that were deployed last summer, the source said Friday.

The Osprey transfer was suspended following the crash of an HH-60 rescue helicopter Monday at U.S. Marine Corps Camp Hansen on Okinawa Island.

The U.S. military hopes to resume the MV-22 transfer as early as Monday, the source said, but this plan could be delayed by stiff local opposition because of the hybrid aircraft’s mixed safety record.

  • Digger

    A fatal crash means that the pilot and/or crew died. They are here not only to extend the United States military reach, but also to defend Japan against aggression.

  • I truly wonder, if people of US really take notice of what their aircraft means, especially, that a very helicopter thing is the one looked to be a symbol of their power, not a merely thing to fly.
    I think Ridley Scott (British) would be one of the people who understand it much, as he depicted it in his film “Black Hawk Down”, which is none other than an eloquent substituion to lecture its status how.