Kanebo finds 1,641 more skin-whitening cosmetic users with blotches


Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. said Friday it has found another 1,641 people suffering from blotches as a result of its skin-whitening cosmetics.

The new cases, discovered during door-to-door visits to consumers complaining of patchy skin whitening after using the products, brings the total number of people affected to 5,702.

Kanebo, a subsidiary of the Kao Corp. group, said the number of cases could rise once it contacts the rest of its customers at home and abroad.

Of the 5,702 people affected, 2,424 have serious symptoms, defined as more than three blotches or blotches at least 5 cm in diameter.

Another 2,125 have less severe symptoms, while the remaining 1,153 are recovering or have already recovered, the company said.

The products in question, including Kanebo Blanchir Superior, use a whitening chemical substance called 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone, dubbed Rhododenol by Kanebo.