Panda Shin Shin to return to stage at Ueno Zoo


Giant panda Shin Shin will be put back on display at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo starting Tuesday after being removed last month for what turned out to be a “false pregnancy,” the zoo said Monday.

While on display, Shin Shin will be able to move freely around the public enclosure, birthing room and sleeping quarters as she likes, it said.

She was removed from public view on June 4 after showing signs of pregnancy, including low appetite and hormone fluctuations, from late May. She was observed mating with male panda Ri Ri in March.

The pair gave birth to a cub last July, but it died of pneumonia six days later.

  • My Chinese friend posted on my blog recently like this, “I wish Abe and his Netouyo supporters think of China as a Panda. The purpose for Pandas in Japan is exactly to show the love and friendship, from China and Chinese people.”
    I was little disappointed by hearing that we’re not going to see her baby this year, anyway, we’re sharing Panda loving spirit with no matter of how far we’re apart, he’s expecting us to much take care of Panda in Japan, this special protected animal being not so easy to see in China as well, according to him.