Tokyo police crowd control lauded


Tokyo police honored two officers Thursday for skillfully directing throngs of soccer fans in the busy Shibuya district last week.

They are both public relations officers in the MPD’s Ninth Riot Police Unit. Their names have not been disclosed to prevent them from being hindered in their work.

“It is thanks to the officers on guard at the site as well as the support of headquarters, my supervisor and my seniors that I received this award. I’m extremely thankful,” one of the recipients said. The officer, in his 20s, has been nicknamed “DJ cop” on the Internet for using lines such as, “If you carry on like that, you’ll get a yellow card,” and calling fans “the 12th member” of the national soccer team.

According to the MPD, the use of such lines had been planned but the timing of their use was left to the discretion of the officer.

The other officer, in her 20s, said: “I’m overwhelmed. It’s really struck home that the cooperation of citizens is crucial to the work of public relations officers.”

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