UNESCO candidate Farah asks Japan to prod U.S. on resuming funding


Djibouti diplomat Rachad Farah, who is running to become next director general of UNESCO, has urged Japan to take the lead in encouraging the United States to resume funding to the agency, which was cut off to protest the granting of full membership to the Palestinians.

Farah, Djibouti’s ambassador to France, said in an interview there is room to talk with the U.S. about the funding issue.

Japan, the second-largest contributor to UNESCO after the U.S., can take “the leadership but with other countries to talk with the Americans,” Farah, 62, said.

Noting that the Americans were finding 22 percent of UNESCO’s budget before cutting off the tap in 2011, Farah said: “This will kill the organization.”

The “U.S. has to resume contributing,” because UNESCO plays an important role “for the peace of the world,” he said.

Farah, who once served as Djibouti’s ambassador to Japan, is vying for the group’s top post with incumbent Director General Irina Bokova. The election will be held in October.

Farah touched on refugees and the poor in Africa who have been denied opportunities for education.

“This situation by itself is a threat for any sustainable stability development,” he said, “because it can be very easy for extremists to go and pick up those people who will become human bombs.”

In suggesting ideas for UNESCO’s youth programs, he said his objective is “to create a kind of strong and big civil society.”


    After four years of mismanagement of Ms. Bokova with a review of the Court of Accounts no less devastating, we were surprised during excutif Council last month to hear it the support of France and the United States, not to mention Belgium and Denmark. These countries they want a collapse of this organization? If this is the case they say frankly.
    The only other way for all the world tied to the size of this house is massive support Rashad FARAH the election to be held in October.
    It is in our common future.


    UNESCO needs not only a strong and
    uncorruptible DG but a true and ambitious scientific, educational and cultural
    program interesting the whole world. At the moment there’s nothing clear-cut in
    the quality of the bids and of the supports.

    In the forum on UN languages, I participate
    in the discution on the influence of the different waves of invasions in order
    to understand why there’re so few universal and so many vernacular
    languages.Why English and French only?

    I’d say, although I feel my following
    statement isn’t “politically correct”, the problem of the
    international diplomay is troublesome because of the misunderstanding of what
    islamism is made of at a cultural viewpoint. The question is both metaphysical
    and biological.

    Judeo-christianism is based upon the
    preeminence of the liberty of choice of each humain to be or not to be a sinner
    while perfection isn’t accessible neither gratified by God. According to the
    varied kinds of christian cults, the sinner expresses his/her fault(s), then
    someone – a priest for the catholics, any kind of humans for the protestants –
    pardons the offense. Mormons are highly popular in Asia because the ancesters’
    sins can be pardoned after their death.

    Islam has brought a disruptive vision of
    the human life because it is based upon predestination. The human practicing
    islam actually “sings” his/her life.

    Such a discrepancy was nothing but
    metaphysical until genetics has been demonstrating that a part of the destiny
    of each human is printed in his/her genes. For religious integrists, whether
    they’re judeo-christian or islamic, such an evolution of the scientific
    knowledge posing the question of the possibility of the human to be goddess
    instead of God or Allah has become a hamletian tragedy.

    Moreover, if the Indian can demonstrate
    there might be a biological support to the concept of metempsychosis, after the
    Japanese has given the mean to make stem cells and before the Chinese has
    demonstrated there’s a biological support at feng-sui, the international
    diplomacy will have to drastically change its mind.

    To my opinion, the bidders to DG should
    clearly evoke that point during their campaign, specially if the winner is
    African or Asian. The only mean to disarm the religious integrisms and their
    armed legions feeding terrorism is to put the genetic problem of destiny in the
    track without hypocrisy. UNESCO + WHO + UNICEF should be the forum.

    Prof Dr Jean-François Moreau, Paris, France