Schwarzenegger discusses global warming, energy with Environment chief Ishihara


Hollywood action star and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger met Friday with Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara to discuss global warming and energy matters.

Ishihara said he and Schwarzenegger exchanged views on issues such as nuclear power and the impact of coal-fired power generation on the environment.

“I was quite amazed, because he talked about nothing but the environment,” Ishihara said, although the film actor is visiting Japan to promote his movie.

Following the meeting, Schwarzenegger told reporters that, in addition to the central government, municipal authorities and citizens have to engage at the grassroots level to confront challenges to the environment.

  • nobuo takamura

    When it comes to environment, Japan is sure to be the very frontrunner in inproving it.
    That is, it goes without saying that Japan was surely one of the worst polluted countries in the 1970s. And now the third country in the throes of nuclear-contaminated wastes.