Man detained over online fraud


Police have detained a Singaporean national in Tachikawa, Tokyo, on suspicion of selling someone else’s credit card information on a website run by the FBI as part of a sting operation, police officials said.

The United States has demanded that the 23-year-old man be extradited, with the Tokyo High Court likely to rule on whether the man should face charges in the U.S.

The man allegedly violated the installment sales law in Japan and committed access device fraud, an offense punishable in the U.S., the officials said.

The man is suspected of providing someone else’s credit card information to a third party in return for three iPad computer tablets that he sold for cash, according to information posted on the FBI’s website.

The FBI has been investigating so-called “carding” crimes by setting up an undercover website, while asking Japan, Britain and other countries to cooperate in its investigation.