Dismembered body of executive found in Sao Paulo


The dismembered body of a Japanese-Brazilian executive at a major local food company has been found on the outskirts of Sao Paulo and police have arrested his wife on suspicion of murder, local media reports said.

Marcos Kitano Matsunaga, the 42-year-old grandson of Yoki Alimentos S.A.’s founder, disappeared May 20 and severed body parts turned up in separate bags in a forest outside the city a week later, the reports said.

His 38-year-old wife, Elize, was arrested Monday after being captured on surveillance footage leaving their home with a suitcase presumed to be stuffed full of body parts, they said.

The wife has already confessed to his murder, which police suspect was prompted by her discovery of an alleged affair Kitano Matsunaga was having, they said.

But another motive may be the recent acquisition of Yoki Alimentos — a major brand in popcorn, condiments and flour milling founded by a Japanese immigrant in 1960 — by a U.S. company, with reports emerging of disputes between family members.