People in 20s prefer one steady job


A record-high 51.1 percent of Japanese in their 20s wish to work at one company for a long time, reflecting a rising tendency to prefer a stable career amid the protracted economic downturn, according to a survey by a governmental labor institute.

Those who answered they “hope to pursue a career in which they acquire managerial status or become a specialist by working at one company for a long time” increased 10.8 percentage points from the previous survey in 2007. It was the highest proportion in six surveys conducted by the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training since 1999.

The rate among people in their 30s increased 1.6 points to 46.7 percent, while the rate for those in their 40s declined 2.9 points to 48.0 percent. Overall, it climbed 1.3 points to 50.3 percent, pushed up by answers from people in their 20s.

The November-December poll covered 2,264 people aged 20 or over, both employed and unemployed.

Overall, 11.3 percent of respondents said they hope to work independently, while 14.9 percent of those in their 20s said so.