Yokohama fans lament loss of towering trunk


Local residents and tourists say they will miss “Trunk Toward the Unknown,” a towering abstract work of art at Zou no Hana Koen (Elephant’s Trunk Park) in Yokohama that is scheduled to be removed Sunday.

The “Michi eno Hana” (“Trunk Toward the Unknown”) installation was erected in late April for a limited period. It stands around 10 meters tall, and is crowned with a colorful red balloon attached to its tip.

On windy days, the artwork resembles an elephant reaching for an apple, enchanting passersby in nearby Yamashita Park.

“We’ll miss it when it’s gone,” said Yuki Hiramori, 23, who took his girlfriend to the installation Friday so she could enjoy it while there’s still time.

Others, however, appeared somewhat confused.

“I came over to check it out because I thought I saw an elephant’s trunk,” said resident Akira Naganuma, 72.

Visitors to the Elephant’s Trunk Terrace, a space for events inside the park, nearly doubled from the previous year thanks to “Trunk Toward the Unknown,” according to a park official.

“We would like to consider erecting it on other occasions as well, such as the port-opening festival in June,” the official said.

Elephant Trunk’s Park opened in 2009 in part of Naka Ward named after a 150-year-old embankment with a trunklike shape.