Sony to develop next-generation TV with Taiwan firm


Sony Corp. is arranging to develop a next-generation television with an organic electroluminescent display with AU Optronics Corp. of Taiwan, sources said Wednesday.

The TV will likely take several years to hit the market even if the development proceeds smoothly, the sources said. Sony is trying to catch up with South Korean rivals like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which lead others in development of the product.

Sony has said it would collaborate with another company to develop the TV, which as high definition but uses little power.

For the business year ended March 31, Sony expects to see a record group net loss of ¥520 billion, largely due to its slumping TV sales. The TV business is expected lose money for the eighth year in a row.

Sony aims to turn its business around by accelerating the development of the new product while keeping down investments by teaming up with the Taiwanese firm.

Sony, which already sells a 25-inch organic electroluminescent display monitor for business use, aims to mass produce a TV with a large screen by combining its technology with AU Optronics’ knowhow in LCD panel manufacturing and cost competitiveness.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics of South Korea have both succeeded in developing a 55-inch organic electroluminescent display TV, the world’s biggest, and are aiming to put it on the market by the end of this year.