Actor and antinuclear activist Yamamoto to work for solar firm


Actor Taro Yamamoto, who has been campaigning against nuclear power since the Fukushima crisis began a year ago, will start working for a company selling solar power generating equipment, sources said Tuesday.

Yamamoto, 37, will not go to work every day at the Yokohama-based company and will continue his acting career, the sources said.

The actor’s life took a sharp turn after the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent nuclear crisis, as he began actively opposing atomic power.

In December, Yamamoto was interrogated by prosecutors after he forcibly entered the Saga Prefectural Government’s offices to urge the governor not to reactivate idled reactors.

He was charged with trespassing, but the indictment was later dropped.

After becoming an activist, Yamamoto terminated his contract with his agent and said he that also broke up with his girlfriend.

In January, when he appeared on a talk show to promote a South Korean movie in which he played a role, Yamamoto said: “I have yet to see the movie because I’ve been busy with (nuclear-related) civic activities. I’m 20 times busier than before, but my income has dropped to less than one-tenth because I’m getting no job offers.”