Convict flees from Hiroshima Prison clad in skivvies


A man convicted of attempted murder escaped from Hiroshima Prison on Wednesday dressed only in his underwear, and police have launched a manhunt.

The fugitive, Chinese national Li Guolin, 40, is thought to have escaped from the prison, situated in Naka Ward in the city of Hiroshima, by scaling a 5-meter-high outer wall, police said.

Footholds were recently attached to the outer wall because of construction work. The sensors and alarms on the wall also had been switched off, police said.

Li is 173 cm tall, weighs 66 kg and has short cropped hair. When last seen, he was wearing white underwear, they added.

A 51-year-old security guard said he saw a man jumping off the prison wall around 10 a.m. Wednesday. “He fell on his rear and turned over. Then he ran off at a steady trot,” he said.

Li was sentenced to 23 years after firing a handgun at a police officer during a burglary in 2005.

“We are really sorry. We just hope that he does not commit any more crimes,” said Hideyuki Yamasaki of the prison.