Trio apparently long-dead found in Sendai home


The remains of three people who may have been dead for up to a year after a suspected family suicide were found in a house in central Sendai, police said Thursday.

The police are trying to identify the remains, which were discovered Wednesday in a two-story house where a 62-year-old man was living with his 55-year-old wife and their 19-year-old daughter. The home is in a residential area of Aoba Ward.

The autopsies suggest the three died six months to a year ago, but the cause of their deaths remains unknown, the police said.

The bodies, which bore no signs of external injuries, were found during an inspection by the Sendai District Court. The family had been involved in a court battle with the landlord over rent.

Newborn death warrant


Police served a fresh arrest warrant Thursday to a woman who allegedly killed her newborn baby last year and dumped the body at a nursery she was working at in Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Kumi Katsumi, who was arrested Oct. 18, has admitted she dumped the corpse in a metal bucket, filled it with cement and then hid it in a cardboard box at the nursery, the police said.

They believe Katsumi, 39, who gave birth March 12 last year at a local hospital, smothered her newborn in a minicar on a road in Tsushima on March 20 — the day she left the hospital. She abandoned the body the same day at the nursery she was working for.

Katsumi also gave birth to a boy in April at a hospital in Fukuoka Prefecture, but abandoned him at the hospital.