McDonald’s to test delivery service

by Minoru Matsutani

McDonald’s will launch trial deliveries next Monday from an outlet in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, and expand the service if the test succeeds, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

After a six-month trial, the hamburger chain will assess the popularity of the service at its outlet near the Tomei Expressway’s Yoga Exit, spokesman Kenji Kaniya said.

The outlet will accept delivery orders by telephone only (nothing online yet) from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, Kaniya said. It may not be able to accept orders just before 10 p.m. if a delivery scooter is unavailable, he added. The delivery price and minimum order have not been set yet.

The service will be the first initiated by McDonald’s Japan, although some outlets may have engaged in similar actions on an individual basis as part of marketing tactics, Kaniya said.

Mos Food Services has a delivery service covering its 205 outlets, spokeswoman Minako Morino said. Mos Burger restaurants charge ¥200 or ¥300, and some require a minimum purchase of ¥1,500. They accept orders by phone and some also accept online orders.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan offers deliveries from 91 of its outlets with a minimum ¥1,600 purchase, a spokeswoman said.

Globally, McDonald’s offers deliveries in 18 countries, Kaniya said.

“We have strengthened our basic business the past seven years to serve customers who come to our outlets. Now we will work on also serving customers who can’t come to our outlets,” he said.

Once the delivery service begins, the Yoga outlet can be reached at 0570-014-355.