Gundam cafe opens in Akihabara

Kyodo News

A theme restaurant based on the popular “Mobile Suit Gundam” sci-fi animation series opened over the weekend in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, and the operator, Bandai Co., called on foreign tourists to pay a visit.

Visitors to the 60-seat Gundam Cafe, which sports a futuristic motif, can watch various videos providing information about the popular animation series, which was first aired 31 years ago.

They can also try food and desserts featuring its key characters.

A female staff member dressed in the uniform of a female character from the series will pose for photographs with visitors.

“The restaurant has the capability to entertain core and lighter Gundam fans, children and female customers, as well as customers from overseas,” Kazunori Ueno, president of the toy company, said at a media preview event.

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