MATSUYAMA, Ehime Pref. (Kyodo) Former administrative reform minister Seiichiro Murakami said Tuesday that personal information on his supporters has been leaked onto the Internet via the file-exchange software Winny.

The Lower House lawmaker told reporters Tuesday that the information was leaked on Jan. 11 through a personal computer owned by a part-time worker employed at his office in his constituency in Ehime Prefecture.

Erroneously posted on the Web via the computer were the names of about 50 supporters in the No. 2 Ehime district, a schedule of the Liberal DemocratiC Party lawmaker’s stumping tour for last September’s general election and receipts of payments to workers hired at his office during the election campaign.

The part-timer took home a memory stick with the data and inserted it into her own personal computer, which was infected, resulting in the data being posted on the Net, even some she had deleted.