Kinki region's first dinosaur fossils unearthed in Hyogo


Six fossils believed to include the lower jawbone of a dinosaur have been found in a layer of earth from the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Age, a museum in the city of Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture, said Tuesday.

According to officials of the Museum of Nature and Human Activities, it is the first time dinosaur fossils have been found in the Kinki region. The fossils were found in May.

They said there have only been a handful of cases in the country where fossils believed to be those of dinosaur teeth and bones have been discovered in bulk.

The fossils, believed to have come from a hadrosaurus, were found buried in the city of Sumoto on Awaji Island in the prefecture. The layer of earth in which they were found dates back 70 million years.

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