A security camera recorded the fatal accident in which a 6-year-old boy got his head caught in an automatic revolving door at the Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo, police said Sunday.

The boy, Ryo Mizokawa, received injuries to his head and cheeks, according to autopsy results. Police thus believe he must have been leaning forward slightly when he was caught between the door and its frame Friday.

The cause of death was a brain contusion.

The police said the security camera videotape was submitted voluntarily by Mori Building Co., the operator of the popular business and entertainment complex.

Earlier in the day, sources close to the case said a sensor in the door was apparently configured so that its blind spot was not the smallest size possible.

The boy got trapped as he rushed into the door just ahead of his mother. Meanwhile, Mori Building President Minoru Mori went to the wake for the child in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, Sunday, but was denied entry at the reception.

He left the funeral hall after bowing once toward the altar.

The family also refused offers from Mori Building and the doors’ manufacturer, Sanwa Tajima Corp., to deliver flowers to the ceremony.

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