• Kyodo


Like many owners of small businesses in Nago, sushi shop owner Eikyu Oshiro plans to capitalize on the Group of Eight summit scheduled to take place in the Okinawan city next month.

His special creation is “summit sushi” — pieces of fresh seafood and vegetables arranged to resemble the flags of the G8 nations.

The red sun of the Japanese flag, for instance, will be a circular arrangement of salmon roe bordered by squid and carrots.

He plans to create the blue part of the French tricolor by dying radish in a red cabbage soup, while strained soybeans will provide the green stripe in Italy’s flag.

Oshiro, 56, an Osaka-trained sushi chef and owner of the restaurant Shiro, plans to obtain fresh seafood each morning from local markets during his unusual campaign.

But only people who make reservations in advance will be able to sample his offerings.

Other local businesses are also gearing up for the three-day summit, which will begin July 21. At present, Nago’s central district is eerily quiet, as shop owners have temporarily shut down while they get ready for the big event.