A man in his 20s filed a suit Thursday with the Tokyo District Court against the metropolitan government, claiming the Metropolitan Police Department refused to hire him after finding out he is HIV-positive.

The plaintiff, a Tokyo resident, is demanding nearly 12 million yen in compensation.

According to the suit, the man passed an MPD employment examination in autumn 1997 while he was a graduate student. After graduation, he moved into a dormitory before enrolling in police school in July 1998.

However, the day before entering the school he was informed by an MPD officer that he was HIV-positive. The man was told he should give up the job, the suit said.

The man, who studied criminal psychology at graduate school, was forced to relinquish the job in writing, it said. He maintains he is able to handle police work.

The man also argues in the suit that he did not know the purpose of a blood test he was forced to submit to, saying it was a violation of his privacy to conduct an HIV test without his consent.

The man said the MPD forced him out without a compelling reason and accuses the department of having a bias against people with HIV.

“I still remember the joy I felt when I passed the exam. But I have felt despair since realizing I could not enter police school. I have contradictory and resentful feelings.” He also said he wants to appeal for fair employment opportunity through the trial.

The MPD declined comment on the suit.

Discrimination charged

LOS ANGELES (Kyodo) Five workers at a Nissan North America Inc. parts distribution warehouse filed a racial discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit Wednesday against their company.

Scott Vazin, a spokesman for the subsidiary of Japan’s Nissan Motor Co., refused to comment on the issue, saying the lawsuit has not been officially served on the company.

“However . . . Nissan takes this very seriously, and we are looking after our employees and striving for a safe and harassment-free environment,” Vazin said.

The suit, filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges the workers were exposed to racial and sexual slurs, such as “Mexican slave” and “stupid foreigner,” according to news reports.

One of the employees complained that he once found a vinyl bag containing urine near his tools.

The five employees, each of whom has worked for Nissan North America for more than 10 years, are of Hispanic, African or Asian ethnicity.