Japan and China have reached a partial accord on terms for Beijing’s entry into the World Trade Organization, Japanese government officials announced Thursday.

After three days of high-level talks in Beijing, the two nations adopted Thursday a framework for agreeing on market access for their goods, including standards, certification systems, tariffs and import quotas, according to a copy of the joint statement.

Although the statement does not provide details of the agreement, government officials earlier suggested that China has agreed to shorten its timetable for liberalization.

The statement says the two nations acknowledge that an agreement on trade in services is indispensable to the successful conclusion of bilateral negotiations as a whole.

The Chinese side expressed its readiness to propose “expansive and substantial” liberalization in services, the statement says.

In a statement released Thursday, Shinji Sato, minister for international trade and industry, urged China to continue making efforts in the area of services trade, while pledging Japan’s efforts toward achieving a “good final agreement.”

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