Words and phrases

など and others

性的少数者 (せいてきしょうすうしゃ) sexual minority

配慮(はいりょ)する to give consideration, to be thoughtful

〜するための in order to ~

何(なん)らかの of some kind, any

取(と)り組(く)み effort

実施(じっし)する to implement

企業 (きぎょう) company

全体 (ぜんたい) total

約 (やく) approximately, about

1割 (いちわり) 10 percent

〜にとどまる to remain at ~

13日 (じゅうさんにち) the 13th

〜までに by 〜

厚生労働省 (こうせいろうどうしょう) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

初(はつ)の the first

実態調査 (じったいちょうさ) fact-finding survey

分(わ)かる to reveal

今後 (こんご) hereafter, in future

予定 (よてい) plan

〜以上 (いじょう) 〜and over, more than

〜に関(かん)する regarding ~

社会的関心 (しゃかいてきかんしん) social awareness

高(たか)まる to increase, to heighten

経営方針 (けいえいほうしん) management policy

掲(かか)げる to hold up/hoist, to tout (as a plan)

研修 (けんしゅう) study and training sessions

福利厚生 (ふくりこうせい) benefit package

対応(たいおう)する to address

〜一方 (いっぽう) on one hand, while 〜

進(すす)む to progress

〜とは言(い)えない cannot be said as 〜, hardly

状況(じょうきょう) situation

明(あき)らかになる to become clear

答(こた)える to respond

規模別 (きぼべつ) by size

千人 (せんにん) 1,000 people

〜に対し compared with〜, whereas 〜

〜以下(いか) 〜or less

低(ひく)い low

Quick questions

1) 性的少数者に配慮するための取り組みを予定していないと答えた企業は全体の何割でしたか?

2) 一部の企業はどのような取り組みをしていますか?

3) 取り組みを実施している割合が高いのはどのような企業ですか?


Companies implementing some kind of effort to implement in consideration of the LGBT community and other sexual minorities remain at around 10 percent of the total, it was learned by the 13th via the first such fact-finding survey of its kind from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. More than 30 percent (of the respondent companies) have “no plans to implement (measures) in the future.” While companies continue to do things such as touting the consideration of management policies and taking measures such as training sessions and benefits packages as social awareness regarding sexual minorities increases, it has become clear that it can’t be said that efforts are progressing overall.

A total of 10.1 percent responded they “are implementing” considerations and efforts (for LGBT staff), by size that’s 41.3 percent of companies with “1,000 people or more,” whereas the percentage drops as low as 9.4 percent at firms with “100-999 people” and as low as 3.5 percent where it’s “99 people or less.”


1) What percentage of companies responded that they have no plans to implement any efforts in consideration of sexual minorities?


More than 30%.

2) What sorts of efforts are certain companies implementing?


They are doing things like touting the consideration of management policies and taking measures such as training sessions and benefits packages.

3) What sorts of companies make up a high percentage of (those) making efforts?


Companies with 1,000 or more people.

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