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Strawberry Fetish: Instagram-worthy riffs on a Japanese festival classic

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

The Instagramification of food in Tokyo has hit a new peak. After months of rainbow-colored cotton candy and big cups of bubble tea, a new contender emerges at one of Japan’s traditional hubs of youth culture.

Strawberry Fetish — maybe the store could have used a consultant on that one — opened in the basement of Shibuya 109 earlier this week. It serves up a wide variety of sweets starring the titular fruit, including a couple of strawberry-centric drinks and strawberry ice cream. If strawberry’s not your thing, cross this one off now.

The centerpiece snack is a riff on a Japanese festival food. The store puts candied strawberries on a stick and then offers customers the chance to add toppings (¥400 for the regular size and ¥600 for a long version, tax included). Don’t stop with the basics, though — get those berries dipped in chocolate for ¥200 more or get them coated in a tasty tiramisu mix for ¥120 extra. The additions might not taste better, but they’ll certainly bring in the likes.

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