Numbers of bicycle accidents in Tokyo involving children have risen

Sample newspaper article


同庁消費者安全課によると、幼稚園や保育所に送り迎えを始める4~7月に事故が増える傾向。担当者は「子供に必ずヘルメットを着用させてほしい」と話している。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

消費者庁 (しょうひしゃちょう) Consumer Affairs Agency

5月9日 (ごがつここのか) May 9

幼児用座席 (ようじようざせき) child seat

子供 (こども) children

乗せる (のせる) to place on something

自転車 (じてんしゃ) bicycle

事故 (じこ) accident

搬送される (はんそうされる) to be hospitalized

人数 (にんずう) the number of people

東京都内 (とうきょうとない) within the Tokyo metropolitan area

年 (ねん) year

年間 (ねんかん) [period of] years

上る (のぼる) to go up

発表する (はっぴょうする) to release

駐輪 (ちゅうりん) park a bicycle

保護者 (ほごしゃ) parent/guardian

その場 (そのば) spot, location

離れる (はなれる) to be away from

転倒 (てんとう) fall over

多い (おおい) common

注意 (ちゅうい) caution

呼び掛ける (よびかける) to call out to

同庁 (どうちょう) same agency

消費者安全課 (しょうひしゃあんぜんか) Consumer Safety Division

幼稚園 (ようちえん) kindergarten

保育所 (ほいくしょ) nursery school

送り迎え (おくりむかえ) drop off and pick up

始める (はじめる) to start

4~7月 (しがつからしちがつ) April to July

増える (ふえる) to increase

傾向 (けいこう) tendency

担当者 (たんとうしゃ) representative

必ず (かならず) always

着用 (ちゃくよう) to wear

話す (はなす) to talk

Quick questions

1) 事故がよく起きる状況はなんですか。

2) 消費者庁消費者安全課は保護者は何をしてほしいと言っていますか。

3) 同庁消費者安全課によると、事故が増える傾向にある時期はいつ、どのような時期ですか。


On May 9 the Consumer Affairs Agency released the figures for people hospitalized in accidents that involved children riding in child seats on bicycles. Within the Tokyo metropolitan area, in the six years up to 2016, the total rose to 1,349 people. The agency is warning people that many of the accidents occurred when bicycles fell over after the parent or guardian had left the child seated in a parked bicycle and walked away.

According to the agency’s Consumer Safety Division, there is a tendency for the number of accidents to rise between April and July, when people begin picking up and dropping off their children from kindergartens and nursery schools. A representative of the division said, “Please always have your child wear a helmet.”


1) What is the situation in which many accidents occur?

子供を乗せたまま駐輪し、保護者がその場を 離れる時。

A parent or guardian leaves a child seated on a parked bicycle and is not near the bike when it falls over.

2) What does the Consumer Safety Division want parents to do?


It wants them to make sure their children wear helmets at all times.

3) According to the Consumer Safety Division, when is there a rise in the number of accidents?


Between April and July, when people begin picking up and dropping off children from kindergartens and nursery schools.