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Citrus KitKat: Latest twist is flavor home run

by Patrick St. Michel

Special To The Japan Times

Japan’s array of quirky KitKat flavors has become a cliche, to the point where your aunt can probably tell you about the dozens of unique varieties. But the candy’s latest variant offers something new: kindness. Sales of their new citrus-flavored offering will go to support youth baseball and softball organizations across the country.

The effort is tied to the high school baseball tournament currently taking place at Koshien outside Osaka, but if you aren’t big on the game (or helping children, tsk tsk) you can always just focus on the flavor.

This treat (¥151, comes with three packs) mixes three types of citrus fruits — lemon, sudachi and Mandarin orange — with white chocolate. The press release says this combination reflects the “sweet and sour experience of being young.” Sure, why not.

The eye-rolling ad copy to the side, this tastes pretty good! Most special varieties of Kit Kat look far better in listicles than they actually taste, but the combination of sweet white chocolate and zesty citrus blends well together. It has a refreshing, summer-worthy feel to it, making it far more than a novelty.

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