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生活習慣病の予防や終末期医療の充実などに取り組み、100歳を超えても医師として活躍した東京・聖路加国際病院の名誉院長で、 文化勲章受章者の日野原重明(ひのはら・しげあき)さんが7月18日、呼吸不全のため 死去した。105歳。山口市出身。


01年に90歳で刊行したエッセー集「生きかた上手」がベストセラーになった。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases


lifestyle disease

予防 (よぼう) prevention

終末期医療 (しゅうまつきいりょう) end-of-life treatment

充実 (じゅうじつ) enhancement

取り組み (とりくみ) tackle

100歳 (ひゃくさい) 100 years old

超えて (こえて) exceed

医師 (いし) doctor

活躍 (かつやく) be active

聖路加国際病院 (せいろかこくさいびょういん) St. Luke’s International Hospital

名誉院長 (めいよいんちょう) honorary head

文化勲章受章者 (ぶんかくんしょうじゅしょうしゃ) recipient of the Order of Culture

呼吸不全 (こきゅうふぜん) respiratory failure

死去 (しきょ) die

山口市 (やまぐちし) city of Yamaguchi

出身 (しゅっしん) native

少年期 (しょうねんき) boyhood

神戸 (こうべ) Kobe

過ごし (すごし) spend

京都帝大 (きょうとていだい) Kyoto Imperial University

現京都大 (げんきょうとだい) current Kyoto University

卒業 (そつぎょう) graduation

勤めた (つとめた) worked

早くから (はやくから) from early on

医学 (いがく) medicine

同病院 (どうびょういん) aforementioned hospital

人間ドック (にんげんどっく)

complete medical checkup

先駆的 (せんくてき) pioneering

開設 (かいせつ) establish

携わった (たずさわった) was involved

健康教育 (けんこうきょういく) health education

推進 (すいしん) push forward

呼称 (こしょう) name

提案 (ていあん) suggest

刊行 (かんこう) published

上手 (じょうず) skillful

Quick questions

1) 日野原重明さんはどこの生まれて子供 時代をどこで過ごしましたか。

2) 日野原さんの死因は何ですか。

3) 日野原さんが提唱した言葉は何ですか。


Shigeaki Hinohara, honorary head of St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo and a recipient of the Order of Culture, who continued practicing as a doctor after turning 100 and advocated preventive medicine for lifestyle diseases and end-of-life care, died from respiratory failure on July 18, the hospital said. He was 105. He was a native of Yamaguchi.

Hinohara spent his childhood in Kobe and graduated from Kyoto Imperial University (current Kyoto University). He worked at St. Luke’s International Hospital from 1941. He was one of the pioneers of preventive medicine and worked with St. Luke’s to set up comprehensive medical checkups in 1954. He pushed for health education and proposed the term seikatsu-shukan-byō, or “lifestyle disease.”

His essay anthology “Ikikata Jozu” (meaning “Good at Living”) was published in 2001 at age 90 and became a best-seller.


1) Where was Shigeaki Hinohara born and where did he spend his childhood?


He was born in Yamaguchi city and spent his childhood in Kobe.

2) What caused Hinohara’s death?


Respiratory failure.

3) What is the term that Hinohara advocated?


Lifestyle disease.

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